Kim K’s t-shirt demonstrates the subtlety she is known for

My headline makes it seem like I object to her exhibitionism. Quite to the contrary, I believe she should dispense entirely with clothing.

One thought on “Kim K’s t-shirt demonstrates the subtlety she is known for

  1. The Kardashian fame is the poster child for showing us that humans crested the peak, as a species years ago. Are are now like a snowball picking up steam rolling down the hill on an express trip to oblivion. Except the few who will be serving our Ai overlords. As much as I don’t like this, it’s not her fault, she’s just playing the game well.

    And on the plus side, She is attractive and has great tits (I don’t care if they are fake or not) They look awesome and she deserves credit for staying in shape. She’s not 20. I’m not a fan of the giant asses that are all the craze these days but that’s just a taste issue. Still the woman does keep herself in great shape and it’s not all with doctor’s help. I give her two thumbs up for dressing sexy and getting naked in a day and age where it’s not PC. (unless of course you have a OnlyFans account) My little head hopes she keeps being an example to woman that they need to dress sexy and get naked for men to ogle. My big head hopes that all social media is outlawed and that in the not to distant future know one remembers what a Kardashian is.

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