My tentative timetable is to resume the Fun House on Saturday, when I no longer have to take my antibiotics.

The drugs are doing their job. I am symptom-free at the moment, but the cure is almost as bad as the disease. This is one harsh drug. The list of side-effects is “all of the above,” and the rules I have to follow are unreal. Some examples: no exposure to daylight (perfect drug for ailing vampires); no antacids of any kind; no dairy products; no caffeine.

Anyway … Saturday. Maybe.

As the good lord intended.

I think it might be mentioned specifically in the Sermon on the Mount, but there were no microphones then and he was on … you know – a mount. Moreover, there were no sophisticated transcription techniques like secretarial stenography or court reporting, so nobody could record things as quickly as a man could speak …

… so I’m not sure the details got transcribed accurately. I’m pretty sure “blessed are the lesbians” must have been in there somewhere.

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Daya Czepanski

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Jana McKinnon

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“Sophie Mudd is no stranger to flaunting her curves, but her latest photoshoot takes it to a whole new level. In the shoot, Sophie can be seen wearing nothing but her birthday suit, showing off her impressive physique in all its glory.”

She needs a little work on her phone savvy, however. There is no cord connecting the receiver to the dialer, and the dialer itself is not connected to anything.