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Comments by Johnny Moronic:

“I remember seeing Point Blank inexplicably turn up late night on Channel 10 not that long ago because I watched it thinking it was weird a barely known movie from the 90s was playing some time in the last 5 years, can’t remember exactly but it was fairly recent. So when I came across it on Tybi, I remembered the pretty superfluous nude scene so I had to capture it. Pretty nasty B-thriller about a bunch of escaped violent crooks led by Kevin Gage just off Waingro in Heat taking a shopping mall hostage. One of the crooks is Danny Trejo playing the most psychotic and drugged up of the lot, himself just off being in Con Air. But the lead of the movie is actually Mickey Rourke, who goes Die Hard on the crooks. Also it turns out that Kevin Gage is his brother. Oh boy. Very violent movie, not great and from the period where Rourke’s career was on a huge down swing. Interestingly, Rourke and Trejo would turn up together in a much better movie, Once Upon A Time in Mexico, only 5 years later. They’ve actually being in 4 movies together including the Steve Buscemi directed prison drama Animal Factory.”

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