He passed away this morning, at 96. With him goes his generation of singers, most of them having preceded him long ago.

He had a full life, to say the least, especially given that he left his heart in San Francisco some sixty years ago, but continued to travel elsewhere. Only Dick Cheney went as far without a heart.

Although Bennett was a versatile pop singer, not solely a jazz specialist, many jazz aficionados consider him the greatest male jazz singer of all time.

I have to confess that I was never into Tony Bennett, even though he sang my kind of music. I often found him pitchy, especially in his later years, and particularly on the Gaga album. I’ve felt that people were kind to him and cut him a lot of slack because he was a living legend, such a nice person, and always a classy guy. But my voice is a small one, totally overwhelmed by his 18 Grammy awards and the millions of fans and musicians who adored him.