Trump bragged about having a great memory, but suddenly can’t remember anything about the Trump Tower Moscow project.

Wow. Rudy Giuliani has made a fool of himself before, but he really outdid himself this time. Here’s an actual conversation with George Snuffleupagus:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Did the president – did Donald Trump know that Michael Cohen was pursuing the Trump Tower in Moscow into the summer of 2016?

GIULIANI: According to the answer that he gave, it would have covered all the way up to – covered up to November, 2016. Said he had conversations with him but the president didn’t hide this.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Earlier they had said those conversations stopped in January, 2016.

GIULIANI: I don’t — I mean, the date — I mean, until you actually sit down and you look at the questions, and you go back and you look at the papers and you look at the — the — you’re not going to know what happened. That’s why — that’s why lawyers, you know, prepare for those answers.

I assume he is talking about OTHER lawyers being prepared to answer questions.

Bare-breasted ‘Mariannes’ are much more effective protestors than those yellowjackets. I am ready to cave to their demands, whatever they are.

Larger baguettes? Cheaper black-and-white striped shirts? Two berets for the price of one? Smellier cheese? Take it. I concede.

Wait. I changed my mind. I just realized if I give in to their demands, they will no longer protest topless. Forget it, you commies. I’m doubling the cost of a mime license, and tripling the price of unfiltered Gauloises.

M is an experimental film from Finnish singer Anna Eriksson.

It’s kind of fun to read the reviews of this film and see the reviewers struggle to find euphemisms for “total gibberish.” In theory, it is a film about Marilyn Monroe, but it approaches the subject through surrealism. Particularly distracting is the fact that all of the “Hollywood” characters can’t really produce any sounds like the English of a native speaker, although they try with hilarious effect. It sounds like Borat did all the voices. One reviewer commented: “As the oddities keep on mounting, the only thing missing is another Red Room and a dwarf talking backwards.”

There is supposed to be a monumental amount of nudity in the film, but this trailer is all we have seen so far because there is no Blu-Ray and the film has not been released commercially after its festival screenings. (IMDb says it was released theatrically in Finland.)

Vicious (and totally justified) attacks.

The real reason he resigned is, of course, that the Democrats will take over the House, and the Republicans will no longer be able to block the investigations of him. In the past month or so, even his own department has turned over a report on him to the Justice department, so if his own subordinates think he’s a criminal, you can imagine what the Democrats in Congress will do.

There is no reason for environmentalists to rejoice. Zinke will be replaced, at least temporarily, by David Bernhardt, who basically is Zinke without the scandals, and with even less regard for the “interior.” He used to be a lobbyist for the fossil fuels industry.

You have to love Trump’s comments. Even Trump could not find anything positive to say, tweeting that Zinke “accomplished much during his tenure,” a comment that also could be applied to Hitler or Caligula.