Nicole Kidman in Windrider (1986)

This film was lensed in September of 1985, when Kidman was barely 18.

Kidman’s recorded nudity spans 31 years from her first (above) to her most recent appearances in Killing of a Sacred Deer and Big Little Lies.

She has now done nudity in four different calendar decades (80s, 90s, 00s, 10s).

She turns 52 next week. If she does one more nude scene, she will have one in five different decades of her own life – in her teens, her 20s, her 30s, her 40s and her 50s. She just missed the big 5-0 with her last two appearances, which were both filmed when she was 49, but I’m guessing she is not finished yet.

Two supermodels pull down their bikini bottoms.

Now THAT’s entertainment. Forgot all that singing and dancing. Why don’t they make a That’s Entertainment IV with just sexy nude scenes? They can even sing some songs about breasts, if they care to.

Call ’em boobs
Call ’em hooters or breasts
Give me tits
And forget all the rest
Make ’em big
They’re the ones I like best
That’s Entertainment.

You know if Hollywood ever made this, they would fuck it up with politically correct inclusivity. In addition to beautiful, shapely women, they’d have to include nude scenes with gay guys and Kathy Bates.