“Dove Cameron (not her real name) posted a series of topless pics on instagram because apparently it’s her birthday. The topless pics aren’t the kind you’d want, you know with nipples, but they do show off her cheesy tattoos”

I’m shocked. No, not by the pics or the ink, but by the fact that Dove Cameron was born. I just assumed she was manufactured.

Sure, I was just kidding, but in a very real sense, Dove Cameron was manufactured. Chloe Celeste Hosterman was the prototype version, the one with a birthdate. It’s interesting that Dove strayed so far from her real name to create her nom de theatre. She retained no part of it, ala Archibald Leach / Cary Grant. You can see why somebody would discard Archibald Leach, but using Chloe as a first name and Celeste as a last would have made an excellent celebrity name. It’s sexy, feminine and even alliterative.

(Her late, beloved father called her Dove. Not sure where the Cameron came from.)

It is possible to argue that Chloe Celeste is not an alliteration. There is a very boring digression that follows, about how your high school English teacher lied to you about alliteration. You would be better off skipping it, because life is short and you can never get that time back.

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A commenter noted that this .gif is from the Anyone But You trailer, although this excellent version isn’t in the theatrical cut.

The same scene looked like this in the version we saw:


OK, we got ripped off, and that makes me mean mad, Muley, but this now seems like good news to me. Perhaps all the advance info we had was correct, after all. The existence of the trailer version gives us some hope that there really may be more alternate footage out there, with much more flesh, as we were originally promised.


Here is a weird deal:

The trailer has the bethonged Sweeney ass, while the theatrical release has La Cid’s ass covered. In complete contrast, the trailer shows Charlee Fraser wearing a bikini top when she greets Glen Powell, while the theatrical release shows her topless in the same scene! In other word, the director decided to add Fraser nudity and remove Sweeney nudity when he made his final cut, which doesn’t seem to make sense.

At least the Fraser nudity wasn’t Brendan Fraser.

By the way, I just watched Killers of the Flower Moon, and Brendan Fraser is almost as fat without the fat suit.

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This is a rather demented black comedy from Norway. On the surface, there is nothing weird about it. The story is told in a very straightforward fashion, and the photography is conventional (I enjoyed seeing Oslo again), but it’s such an odd satire that you may find it interesting. I know some of you can’t get past the firewall at the New York Times, so I included their very thorough review below.

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This is the highlight of Defoe’s contributions for today.

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Stella is new to me.


The entire film is available on YouTube for free.

There are no English subtitles, but if the film interests you, you can fake it by enabling the French closed-captioning (cc menu), then clicking auto-translate (settings menu). The resulting English subtitles will sometimes be awkward, but they are almost perfect, and will certainly do the job.

Another film shot in virtual darkness

Here is what the film looks like on your screen

image host image host

Here it is brightened. (It’s reduced in size to eliminate some of the noise. There’s just not enough light to work with to get large, crisp captures, even using AI.)

image host image host

Here it is further reduced in size and restored to approximately what the scene would have looked like with light bulbs.

image host

More interesting than this film is Salome’s appearance at the 2021 Venice Film Festival:

image host

And even more interesting is the rest of her career, especially her full-frontal scene in Lost Illusions(2021)

image host image host

and her topless scene in Filles de Joie (2020)

image host