Tag line: “They just fucked with the wrong Heidi!”

What a bizarre movie this is. It’s as if Troma suddenly opened a division in Zurich to produce a “Swissploitation film” (their term). The plot summary: “Swiss mountain girl Heidi is abducted by brutal government troops and must defend herself and fight a war against a cheese-fueled machinery of hate.”

Coincidentally enough, that is also what we call the Wisconsin Republican Party.

The star of this crowd-funded film is Casper van Dien, but he doesn’t play an American expat. Rather he is an exaggerated parody of a wealthy Swiss politician/businessman. As the president of Switzerland, he spends his time eating chocolate flecked with Nazi gold, looking at expensive Rolex-style gold watches with his own picture on the face, consuming dairy products, and speaking English with an outrageous accent. (The film also incorporates every other Swiss cliche you can imagine: kindly goatherds, alpenhorns, yodeling, cuckoo clocks, multi-use knives, etc.)

Most of the nudity is provided by Milo Moire

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Alice Lucy (as Heidi) bares her butt and participates in a group shower

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Somebody noted yesterday that she had a rather disappointing boob job in 1993’s Nemesis. Here she is 16 years earlier, showing her natural breasts (and much more) in the full-screen Blu-Ray of Dangerous Cargo, one of three Greek films that kicked off her movie career.

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Film clip here

She also did some sex scenes in her first film, Girls with Dirty Hands (1975), but as far as I know, that flick was only available in VHS, and the existing images are inadequate:

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The third Greek film, Voice in the Wind, is one I have never seen. IMDb doesn’t seem to know any more than I do. Some of the commenters pointed to the fact that the entire film is on YouTube. (IMDb seems to have the date and the English title wrong.) She is credited as “Debbie Sheltor”! (Wasn’t that a Rolling Stones song?) There may or may not be some brief nipple exposure just after the 1:16 mark.

A woman named Sissy Tindall is topless for a few very blurry frames near the end of the film.

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New January 6 pics below.

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Léonie Dahan-Lamort in “tout fout le camp”:

Isabelle Carré in “la dégustation”:

French version, with extensive commentary

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Fred Olen Ray is still directing and producing B-movies, more than 40 years after his debut. He made his first one, The Brain Leeches, in 1978 for less than $300. He has created films in many genres, basically encompassing the full gamut of low-budget filmmaking: horror films, westerns, action films, sci-fi adventures, comedies, softcore exploitation films – even Christmas movies! Because his films sometimes feature nude scenes, you may be familiar with such classics as Evil Toons, Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.

Excluding documentaries and shorts, he has directed 65 films. Nobody can say he’s losing his touch. This one, his most recent, is also his highest rated at IMDb, so he’s actually doing of his best work after retirement age.

He’s the Clint Eastwood of crap.

Of course, his output garners somewhat less respect than Clint’s. This film might be his highest-rated, but it’s still only scored 5.3!

Keep Chambers

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Carrie Overgaard

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