Week three is almost as bad as week two. Many of the top teams are still rolling up overwhelming victories against hapless non-conference pushovers. Many have even taken to scheduling FCS teams.

  • Oklahoma put up 66 against Tulsa
  • Ohio State rolled up 63 against Western Kentucky, including 35 in the second quarter.
  • Washington State put 64 on the board against winless, hapless Northern Colorado. (Northern Colorado is an FCS team that lost 42-7 last week against a team called Incarnate Word, another FCS school that I’ve never heard of. The week before that, they lost 31-11 to another FCS school. So maybe they were stretching more than a little by scheduling a nationally ranked opponent this week.)
  • UCLA scored five touchdowns in the first quarter against an FCS school before they got bored and emptied the bench. They were up 14-0 in the game’s first 74 seconds. By the end of the game they had used 5 quarterbacks, not to mention 13 different ball carriers who combined for 404 rushing yards.
  • Miami also curb-stomped an FCS school.

You get the idea.

I can’t say I was really impressed by any of the top teams, but none of the top ten lost. #1 Georgia had a little scare went they went to the locker room at halftime with a 14-3 deficit, but they won by shutting South Carolina out in the second half.

The most significant upset happened just below that group as #11 Tennessee lost to Florida. I’m not sure that was so much an upset as a case of an underrated team beating an overrated one, but in the words of the immortal Dalton, “Opinions vary.”

Side note: I guess my days of ragging on Rutgers are over. They improved to 3-0. I think their dream bubble may burst next week when they take on #2 Michigan in Ann Arbor, but they have come a long way since 2016, when Michigan beat them 78-0 at Rutgers! (The next time they met at Rutgers, in 2018, Michigan won by a mere 35 – not enough to cover the spread!)


What a weird movie. Pinochet, the former Chilean dictator, is still alive as an immortal vampire, but he’s finally ready to die. Is it comedy? Is it social satire? Is it horror? Or is it just plain odd?

This is a B&W movie. Just for fun, I tried out an online AI Colorizer, and both versions are below.

image host image host image host image host

Here is the result from a different AI Colorizer. This one is very easy to use. It goes for a more muted palette.

image host image host

Both systems seemed to do a pretty good job at guessing the colors. The only place where they differed significantly was in the color of the table. IMG2GO guessed that it was sort of blond wood, while colourise.com came up with a faded white or gray. I have no way to know which was right. Some day when I have more time to kill, I should completely desaturate some color photos, then see how close the colorizers come to restoring the original colors.