“Colorado high schoolers Jaxson Remmick and Gavin Hamann have already won a pair of national championships in the American Cornhole League. This fall, both head to South Carolina to play Division One cornhole.”

Pickleball is next!

In fact, pickleball makes more sense than this.

How long before division one Twister?

This story follows the relationship between a 14-year-old girl and an acclaimed 50ish writer, Gabriel Matzneff. Matzneff was known for his sexual abuse of minors, and for chronicling those offenses in his books. One of the young girls he abused wrote a book about it, the very book upon which this film is based.

I’m going to let Wikipedia pick up his distasteful story:

Matzneff described his pedophilia and child sex tourism in some of his books and on his website, and even in television appearances. Despite this, he remained sheltered from prosecution throughout his literary career, benefiting from wide and enthusiastic support within French literary circles despite the fact his books did not sell well among the general public.

Actress Kim Higelin is 24 years old, but is totally convincing as a 14-year-old girl.

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Defoe’s film clip is here.

In an ominous indication of the passage of time, the girl’s mother is played by Laetitia Casta, who did no nudity. Believe it or not, La Casta is now 45 years old.


About three years ago, Kim was topless in episode 4 of Plan B

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Additional captures from Plan B

A film clip from Plan B


New and noteworthy:

Noah Cyrus topless

Maisie Williams topless in the premiere episode of The New Look

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She is beautiful when she tries to be, which is not very often.

Lest we forget, she once performed wearing nothing but some minimal strips of electrical tape.


New and noteworthy:

Kim Higelin topless in Le Consentement (2023)

Noah Cyrus topless

Maisie Williams topless in the premiere episode of The New Look

You may remember that she was the head of one chapter of the NAACP, but was fired when she was found to have misrepresented herself as a black woman. (Her parents are white and her ancestors are various central Europeans and Scandinavians. She was born as a blue-eyed blonde with straight hair, so she’s not just white. She’s VERY white. She’s Mike Pence white.)

Story here

Her OnlyFans account is not a tame one. Sample picture here. (Reminder: Absent the technology of Eternal Sunshine, you can never un-see that pic.)