I think my days are getting a little bit numbered of doing nudity

Well, she’s been getting naked pretty much non-stop since 1997, so I guess she’s earned retirement.

Beth Winslet, Kate’s younger sister, is the Henry Mathewson of nudity. (At one time, Christy and Henry Mathewson held the MLB record for most wins by brothers, 373. Christy was 373-188, while his younger brother Henry was 0-1 in three appearances back in 1906 and 1907.)

The current nudity scorecard for sisters: Kate Winslet naked in a zillion films and shows; lookalike sister Beth Winslet naked in only two that I know of: The Scold’s Bridle (1998), below:

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and Loved, Alone (2003)

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Like Kate, Beth had a youthful start to her nudity career. She was 19 when that first scene was filmed. Unlike Kate, she pretty much wrapped it up in her early 20s.

Because he used press conferences and public appearances as part of his strategy, because he took on infamous and high profile clients in newsworthy trials, and because he developed some ethical issues of his own, Bailey was perhaps the most famous defense attorney since Clarence Darrow.

He was known as a master of cross-examination, and many think that his skillful cross-ex of Mark Fuhrman was the trigger for the jury to declare “not guilty” in the OJ trial. Bailey lured the officer into committing perjury very blatantly, thus placing the entire prosecution under a cloud.

Panic Button (1964) is kind of a grade-Z predecessor to The Producers. For reasons of his own, a sketchy businessman needs to produce a TV film pilot guaranteed to fail, so his son (Mike Connors of Mannix fame) hires an elderly Maurice Chevalier and Jayne Mansfield to play Romeo and Juliet. The plot ultimately backfires when the Venice Festival awards it a special comedy prize, and a network offers a lucrative 39-week contract for more of the same.

The balcony scene occurs around the 1:21 mark.