E-Rat’s body is unreal (VHD)

In her case, the higher the definition, the better she looks.

image host image host

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This is from Rihanna’s Third Savage x Fenty show last September. Story here.



E-Rat rear nude

E-Rat stark naked in UHQ

Stark naked, full-frontal, shaved

5 thoughts on “E-Rat’s body is unreal (VHD)

    1. Being an intentionally argumentative cockwobble makes you no less a cockwobble.

      Just FYI.

      1. I’ve no issue with a differing opinion — in all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of her either. However, voicing an opinion and, literally, requesting vociferous opposition is just childishly cunty.

        “hey, look at me! I’m angrily different!”

        Whatevs. Fucking maroon.

    2. I’m bored with her ubiquity.

      But I’m still just as impressed by her maintenance of the magnificent instrument that is her figure.

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