“Jimenez told them the cocaine on his nose was not his.”

The same fiend who powdered his nose also placed reefer and Xanax in his car.

Before you protesters speak too harshly of the police, stop to consider that this is the kind of crap they have to deal with constantly.

3 thoughts on ““Jimenez told them the cocaine on his nose was not his.”

  1. I can understand the concern in this case because the person was *allegedly* driving while intoxicated, but, there would likely be a lot less situations like these (and confrontations) if illicit drugs were legal.

    There is a drug problem that won’t go away with legalizing them, but a large part of the problem isn’t the drugs themselves but the pseudo-moral attitudes towards and stereotyped views regarding drug addicts, especially, of course, poorer drug addicts, and not necessarily just racialized drug addicts.

    I don’t think there is any question that many police officers themselves have these same attitudes and this effects how they treat the suspects.

    In a supposedly free country, I have no idea why the government has any control over what you can put into your own body, as long as you aren’t harming anybody else.

  2. The NYC MTA (they runs buses & subways ) has been running an advertising campaign on buses asking everyone to help the MTA crack down on fare beaters. This campaign has been incredibly effective. To the best of my knowledge not a single person has illegally evaded a bus fare in months. Of course, for the last 3+ months, NYC buses have stopped collecting fares. That’s because they have reserved the front of buses (where metrocards are read/debited) for the handicapped and have everyone else board through the backdoor. The front and back of the buses are separated with a plastic sheet. Every time I get on a bus and read that crack down on fare evasion sign I have to laugh. But the simplest way to eliminate crime is to make everything legal. Eliminate crime! Make every day the Purge! Just for the record, I am not necessarily against decriminalizing drugs. I am certainly for decriminalizing marijuana on the federal level and leaving it up to states to decide.

    But speaking of the current bus arrangement I found myself in an uncomfortable position the other day. I was waiting for the bus alongside an African-American woman. She saw the bus approaching and asked me where we got on and I said she had to get on at the back. Then I realized what I was saying. The worst thing about it was that I still get on the bus at the front because I use a walker. That was an uncomfortable feeling.

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