Kanye is back in the running – thanks to Trump operatives.

Trump’s team wants Kanye on the ballot in swing states.

His theory seems to be that Kanye, although basically a Trumpite, will not cannibalize any votes from Trump’s hardcore racist base. On the other hand, Kanye might pick off a few black voters from Biden in states where every vote is critical.

Trump gets rejected overwhelmingly by black voters (he literally got 0% of black women in 2016):

So two of his most important goals in 2020 will be to keep black people from voting in general, and failing that, to keep them from casting votes for Biden.


NOTE that I specifically recommended long ago that the Democrats employ this exact strategy – use their own resources to promote a candidate to the right of Trump. Call him the Freedom Party candidate, wrap him in the flag, and get him on the ballot in the swing states – because that’s the kind of thing Republicans would do (and are now doing). I also correctly noted that the Dems would never do so because they are pussies. Republicans have many flaws, but they are not pussies. Their goal is to win elections and to get there they will endure any hardship, tell any lie, make any ridiculous or disingenuous promise, and employ any hate-mongering strategy that will help them do so. They know that once you win the elections, you make the rules, and that a major election is so crucial that one cannot afford to leave anything on the table in pursuit of victory.

As I predicted, the Democrats never considered this strategy (which is perfectly legal). Modern Democrats don’t fight back. They let you hit them while they whimper about it being unfair. LBJ would have done what I suggested, because he was not a pussy and knew how to kick some elephant ass, and he knew that you can’t do good if you don’t get the power. These new Dems think they can defeat Trump with compassion, decency, truth, sincerity and healing crystals. Good luck with that. How’d that work out in 2016 when those tactics put Trump in the White House and eventually put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supremes?

In the immortal words of the great Ric Flair, “If you wanna BE the man, you gotta BEAT the man.” The sensitive, woke, wimpy-shit line ain’t beatin’ anyone. Trump eats that shit for breakfast, just before he bathes in the blood of adorable, freshly-killed golden retriever puppies. COVID bungling notwithstanding, he will be formidable. He will lie, he will cheat, he will undermine, and he will use Bill Barr and the Senate Republicans to drum up October/November surprises. Don’t think you can beat him with decency and fair play alone. Do NOT count him out. And do not forget that his stakes are much higher this time. In 2016, it was win or do his reality show. In 2020, it is win or go to prison. He is a desperate man, and he will get more and more desperate as November approaches, so when he is down, do not let him up. Kick him in the figurative nuts.

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  1. A sad excuse for a country if it takes those kind of tactics to win. It doesn’t speak for American character…a country awash in hypocrisy. Makes me glad I don’t live in the US permanently.

  2. Polling is showing that Kanye is actually pulling more voters from Trump than Biden. In the poll below, without including West in the question, Biden led Trump 48-40; with West added, Biden leads 48-39. All-in-all, West only polled at 2%, so it’s a joke/vanity “candidacy” at best.

    Of course, unforced errors are hardly a new thing for Trump, so…

    1. It’s a question of how much damage West could do in battleground states like Wisconsin etc… that Trump won by a sliver. I’ve not seen polls for West in Wisconsin.

  3. The democrats use “decency”? Seriously? There are no decent politicians. They all understand it’s win at all costs. I had more respect for you than “all republicans are evil” narrative. Regardless, Dems buy votes. That’s their game. Vote for me and I’ll give you free shit and legislated “equality” through social programs that are designed to help you at the expense of hard working Americans.

    1. So what was the angle in the 50s when Eisenhower was President and the wealth tax rate was around 90%?

      It’s funny this socialism thing is now a thing today when it’s nowhere NEAR the rate of what was considered standard 60 years ago under a Republican President.

      Conservatives have their head so far up their own asses today, if anyone enacted Eisenhower’s same policies on social programs, infrastructure, and attack the privatized military industry complex, they would be called a communist.

      So what’s your reply to that? Set the minimum wage to what it was then, set the tax rate to what it was then, set the average cost of rent or homeownership to what it was then, and same with college tuition. Is that ‘free stuff’?

      Oh wait, that only ever counts now, not a whole generation of boomers who took advantage of that welfare growing up and pretend it was all off of solely their hard work and kids won’t get a summer job like they did to pay off four years of tuition and board that only exists in some conservative fantasy land these days.

      The fact I don’t even have to pick a Democrat to show how idiotic your statement is, shows how wrong you are and how out of touch with reality your mind is.

        1. Guess I missed where Bernie Sanders was the President in the 1950s. Then again Trump supporters blamed Obama for the recession, Hurricane Katrina, and 9/11 so nothing surprises me anymore.

        2. What an irrelevant response, Dr. Smitty. Is making personal attacks all you can do because your position is, in fact, indefensible? Please try defending it, it would be fun to watch.

          1. My position is 100% anti-Trump, make no mistake. I’m just trolling Indy because in the past his position has been “I hate Trump, but instead of being pragmatic I’ll tilt at windmills and write in Bernie.”

            I firmly believe the Republic is at stake and there’s no room for idealistic foolishness like Indy and his Bernie buddies constantly spew.

          2. Pragmatic, such as Bernie being correct and basically the same philosophy since COVID has started are the same type of concepts he pushed for, for every disease?

            And you know, all the bullshit about the cost of everything when we’ve suddenly managed to come up with as much money out of thin air to contain this pandemic that Medicare for all in general would have cost that was so unpragmatic?

            Shut the hell up. My grandpa died from cancer and I was just reading a story from an unfortunate soul who did everything the ‘pragmatic’ way, saved their whole lives, and his wife gets cancer WITH insurance and their life savings gone – in an instant. Glad that you think that’s the pragmatic thing they deserve to go through.

            Just because you stick your head up your own ass and say its pragmatic, doesn’t mean its true. The money spent on just COVID alone from the government in just MONTHS proved how much of a bullshit argument the cost of Medicare For All was.

            And I’m someone who’s job would be essentially eliminated if private insurance went away, knows the ins and outs of the ‘game’, and I’m saying this in spite of my own welfare because its the right thing to do.

            Glad we have such people with great insight on empty platitudes and fake pragmatism to try to troll those who want to support an actual solution.

          3. So, Indy, I guess you’re voting for Trump?

            A Bernie write in has the same effect as the idiots who vote for Kanye – It’s just a vote for Trump. But go ahead and keep telling yourself it serves a higher purpose.

          4. I’m not writing in Bernie, I think Bernie achieved his goals to push the platform to be far more progressive than it would have been without him.

            And I give Biden credit for working together with Bernie for a more progressive platform and taking similar positions in their agreements.

            It just goes to show how 2016 was a total lie. It was Hillary poisoning the Democratic Party the entire time, so all the heat Bernie got for not being a ‘team player’ was clearly complete bull, because Biden has been far more responsive than her.

            As long as Biden is willing to collaborate and delegate responsibility, and step down if he becomes unfit to be in a decision making decision, I don’t have a problem with it. My only problem was with the terrible arguments against Bernie’s ideology which have since turned out to be valid, and some of which Biden adopted.

  4. As a conservative, my biggest complaint is how the Republicans are the complete pussies. They allow the dems to use fake dossiers to get warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. They use illegal unmasking and leaks to take down the incoming NSA. The dems blackmail federal judges to get the rulings they want. Their own presidential candidate actually bribed another country with billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to help his own (and his son’s) interests. Now they’re afraid John Durham will make arrests before the election. If the GOP had any balls, the arrests would have already happened.

    Not all democrats…but the far left certainly hates America. They encourage the rioting, burning, looting, and destruction of our cities, while telling the rest of us to stay inside so we don’t spread Covid. At best, they are hypocrites. At worst, they are traitors to the country. Their hatred of Trump has forced the democrats, and many RINO republicans, to expose themselves.

    1. You’re an idiot. If anyone are traitors, its Republicans for selling out the American citizen to billionaires with their own personal greed at stake.

      Just because you see a two block radius on the news of ‘rioters’ doesn’t mean it’s reality. I live near one of these ‘famous cities’ where there are supposed riots according to your daily conservative propaganda on FOX News, yet on the group it’s nothing more than a two block radius.

      You’re guys have your head up your own asses so far you’ll never get your shit straight. As long as they’re on ‘your side’ though based on the braindead heroes you’ve invented in your mind who gladly take your money and bend you over and you ask for more, you don’t care.

      The only thing your simple minded little brains can process is what’s on a 10 mins invented news segment or a 100 character Tweet to say something, then you don’t mind when your ‘heroes’ are out committing fraud or selling you out so they can collect another hundred million off your own work.

      You want to have an opinion and think you deserve to vote? Get of your fat ass and go to school and form an informed opinion based on facts, not anecdotal bullshit. Wait, that would actually mean thinking though, when you can sit at the idiot box and watch FOX News every night.

      1. Indy, I agree with you. But when it comes to Brobonk, there are some things I would suggest:

        A) Don’t feed the trolls.

        B) Ignoring him is the worst thing you can do to him. Nothing he says is really worth responding to, because it so clearly detached from reality.

        C) Refuting what he says is fine if you want to, but addressing him is pointless. Given what he claims to believe, reality, truth, and reason are meaningless to him. Even insulting him makes him happy, because it means he got a rise out of you. Shunning is more effective, IMO. But pointing out lies is a good thing to do, so of course use your own judgement..

        1. Agreed, the guy only comes out of the woodwork once in a blue moon, I’ve done better at ignoring the Trump warriors knowing the finish line is in sight.

          They’ll just have to deal with their sad lives and the consequences of their actions going forward without ‘Dear Leader.’

  5. “RINO” being non Q-Anoners, right? I’ve run across some pretty credulous people in my time but you take the cake.

  6. All the polls are consistent. Trump took 6-8% of the black vote.

    There’s nothing specific to Trump in that stat. McCain and Romney had similar numbers, although the numbers are not apples-to-apples because those guys actually ran against a black man! (McCain was possibly lower, depending on the MOE.)

    The exact number isn’t important. We know that Biden will get more than 80% of the black vote, so Trump must keep black voters from the polls to the extent possible, and if he cannot, he must keep them from voting for Biden.

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