Conspiracy Theorists Protesting Comet Ping Pong Get Drowned Out By Lady Gaga”

29 thoughts on “Pizzagate is back!

    1. No, no, MidCon. YOU are the Trump supporter, so you are the one that has to inject the bleach. The rest of us don’t. If you weren’t a Trump supporter, you could stop taking bleach and be glad like the rest of us that that awful, awful man is no longer President, but I guess that ship has sailed, hasn’t it?

  1. I didn’t ever believe any of this shit but is it time yet to say I was wrong about a reelection?

    I stand behind the ideology I follow but Biden will become our president shortly.

    1. You didn’t say Biden won. That means you actually think Trump won. Piss off, traitor.

      1. Cut the man some slack.

        The GOP did all that hard work to rig the election in their favour and still lost. That’s gotta be upsetting.

      2. Roger, go get fucked

        You and your hate speak is as bad as the conspiracy theorists

        Read too much into my statement and jump to conclusions like you always do to divide us further. I thought today was the start of unification of our country, not going to happen if you and others like you continue the way you do.

        1. A) Ignoring weasel words from people like you is a road to disaster.

          B) All of your accusations are confessions.

          C) We will re-unite after justice is done, like the way we re-united after the Civil War was won. See how that works?

          1. Just stating the facts as I see them

            1) jumping to conclusions like always with hatred because I hold a different viewpoint on the role of the federal govt

            2) all legal rebuttals were exercised and rejected by our legal system so either the system is broke or they were not legit to start. I have more faith in our country and for due justice, if there was justice to be had there is enough support to enforce.
            We all look at the information that we see in front of us just depends on if we all trust all of the info that we see or not. Skepticism isn’t a bad thing but actually helps you look at all sides of a topic

            3) The cause of the divide is not one side or the other, what happened on the 6th is wrong as were the months of “protests” that led up to it. Stating one is just and the other is wrong and those that hold other opinions are in need of re-education is totally unjust.

            4) I wish Trump was at this event, bad for the country, bad optics overall but good to hopefully keep peace today and have a smooth transfer of power

            Generalizations of others that oppose are not healthy for any of us or for the unification that keeps getting preached.

        2. The only way any real unification is going to occur is if 40 million + voters come back to reality and admit that there was no stolen election or, as Trump put it in his own characteristically dimwitted way, a “Sacred election landslide victory”.

          1. Bill, you are correct. 99% of the population believe that they are doing/voting for what is best for the future of the country but the actions taken since are not acceptable.

            I like millions of others just don’t understand how Biden was elected. Running on little other than he isn’t Trump and are afraid of the change that the new administration will bring given the lack of a public stance on so many topics.

            The last few months I have looked at, read about, prayed and tried to the best of my ability to understand the opinions and viewpoint of the millions that voted for Biden and even though my White, Upper Middle Class, life that I have built for myself and family cant grasp the obstacles that so many face.

            I need to put my personal feelings and embrace or prepare for the choice that the majority of the population made surrounding the leadership we will have over the next 4 years.

            The best part of where we live we always have do-overs, this is a do over for many that voted the other way or chose not to vote in the previous election and they did and let their voice be heard this time.

          2. “I like millions of others just don’t understand how Biden was elected.”

            This reminds me of the distraught response of liberal movie critic Pauline Kael when she heard that Reagan had defeated Carter. “How could Reagan have won? Nobody I know voted for him.”

            The only reason anybody would doubt the result of the election is because Trump himself spread many lies about widespread voter fraud, and many people, not having the time or expertise to look at the evidence, incorrectly believe he has some basis for those claims. I guess I don’t really blame the believers. Some of them are just gullible fools, but even intelligent people don’t really have time to go through every claim made by any politician, and we have been trained to think that when the president of the United States uses his pulpit to make a claim, that it should have some merit. When the president is one who shares our ideology, we are inspired by those claims and tend to rally behind them. If contrary claims are made, we tend to assume that they are just political attacks against our tribe.

            But in the real world, the world of facts, the one outside the bubble of Donald Trump and his shameless, for-profit enablers, Trump’s defeat is not difficult to understand.

            1. Biden got way more votes.

            2. The reason he got way more votes is that more than 80 million Americans looked at the situation and basically thought, “Joe Biden is perhaps an unremarkable man, and he will undoubtedly annoy the hell out of us with political correctness, but he is not a narcissistic monster. At least Biden cares about other people, and he cares more about America than about his own personal popularity.” Never before in America had even 50 million people turned out to vote for a candidate who defeated a sitting president. Only a little more than 40 million voted for Reagan to cast out the ineffectual Jimmy Carter. Yet 80 million turned out to vote for Biden against Trump.

            3. The question you should be asking yourself is not “How could 80 million people vote for Biden?” Properly worded, it is “How could ONLY 80 million people vote against Trump?” How could there be 74 million Americans who voted to keep an obvious monster in power? This is the guy who tied Lady Liberty to the railroad tracks on January 6th. This is Goldfinger, plundering America for personal gain. This is the mustachioed villain who wants to cut America in half at the sawmill. The fact that 74 million people voted for such a lowlife character should boggle your mind, no matter your ideology, and should scare everyone who hopes for a brighter future for America.

            4. You only doubt the Biden victory because Trump told you to. There is no other reason. The people who are responsible to examine the validity of Trump’s claims, and do have the time because to do so is part of their jobs, have found those claims to be without merit. It turns out that all of the claims of widespread voter fraud were bald-faced lies with nothing to support them. The courts, the state governors and the state legislatures all evaluated those claims and rejected them. The sources of those rejections included Trump-appointed judges, as well as legislatures controlled by conservative Republicans.

            “I like millions of others just don’t understand how Biden was elected.”

            In a nutshell – because so many people just despise Trump that much.

            As well they should.

          3. Trump lost because he’s a racist clown that fucked the economy and killed 10s of thousands of people.

            Biden won because he’s probably not a racist clown and democrats make the economy better. Not being an idiot about COVID will probably help.

            It really is that simple. You didn’t try to understand the other side. You doubled down and wondered what happened.

          4. Playgroundpsychotic, MidCon has not admitted that Trump DID lose the election. He said that Biden is being inaugurated, but that is not the same as saying that Biden did NOT steal the election.

          5. Roger – to be fair to Midwest Conservative, his last post (two above yours) states that “biden was elected” and that he doesn’t understand how people voted for him. So while he hasn’t said the words “Trump lost” explicitly, he does seem to be talking about this in terms of a democratic victory on behalf of Biden.

            That said, Playgroundpsychotic is entirely right. The only way that Biden’s victory would be inexplicable is if he really didn’t pay attention at all.

          6. Albert Patrick, no offense, but I can see no way in which I have been unfair to MidCon. Giving people like him, and by that I mean Donald Trump, the benefit of any doubt, is a practice that should have been as dead as doornail by the end of 2017.

            I further suggest that anyone who cannot recognize that Biden won the election fair and square believes a classic “Big Lie”, and is not worth dealing with as if they have worthwhile political opinions until they realize that.

            I regard that question as a litmus test in that regard. MidCon failed.

          7. Scoop, well worded and thought out response but please don’t generalize people.

            In summary, I voted for Trump because I didn’t believe in Biden, his family, platform nor his history. Trump’s private history is a huge strike however he accomplished and didn’t waiver from his stated platform from his first run that I believed in. My thought was that we need a visible leader that didn’t hide in his basement when faced with an unprecedented crisis, even if we didn’t know what was going to come out of his mouth next! My calculation was that if America follows Trump, conservative control of at least the senate had to follow. I had not ever considered that Trump’s actions/words would be the biggest campaign contributor to the Biden/Harris Ticket and push the population further left.

            I have internally struggled with your question about counts on voters for Biden (not Reagan) for a couple of months now and I do realize this is a reflection on the regional political environment that I live in and sub portion that I communicate with face to face daily and that I need to diversify that group to gain a better understanding of the political feel for the country as a whole over the bubble I live in.

            I really am a skeptic and like to be an informed decision maker and the provided answers just didn’t pass the sniff test in my opinion. I am a show me over tell me person.

            Go ahead and attack that last statement all and tell me how hypocritical I am in 5…4…3…2…1…

          8. You are missing a key point. It doesn’t matter that it’s Joe Biden. There is no prominent person in America who could be a worse choice than Donald Trump.

            That said, at least part of your anti-Biden arguments are just more of Trump’s lies. What is the “family” issue? Biden had a son who had problems. So did I. But that had nothing to do with Joe himself.

            Moreover, if family were a reason to cast your vote, you should still choose Biden. Unlike the so-called “Biden crime family” (least scary mob ever), Jared Kushner is LITERALLY part of a crime family, and Trump’s oldest son (as noted in the Mueller Report) is only out of prison because his intelligence is too limited to realize that he was committing several federal crimes at the Trump Tower meeting!

            The Mueller Report mentions that, although Trump Jr.’s actions were unlawful, “In the facts here, the government would unlikely be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the June 9 meeting participants had general knowledge that their conduct was unlawful. The investigation has not developed evidence that the participants in the meeting were familiar with the foreign-contribution ban or the application of federal law to the relevant factual context.”

            He is the only criminal I can immediately name who avoided indictment by being too stupid.

            And of course, Trump Sr himself is going to spend much of his remaining time on earth defending himself against criminal charges. (And civil suits.) The crimes he committed while a candidate and while in office should be no surprise to anyone who followed his career in business – especially the obstruction of justice.

            Also, I live in the Midwest, just as you do. In small-town Wisconsin, all my friends and acquaintances come from playing tennis and pickleball, so they are not chosen for their politics – and yet I hear them bad-mouthing Trump all the time. I don’t even comment or reply. I always just say “I’m not interested in politics.” So if your acquaintances in the Midwest are heavily pro-Trump, you may be choosing them for that exact reason, or staying away from the ones who disagree.

          9. If you are “show me over tell me person” than that should lead to you believing in the vote count, as those denying it did literally nothing but say it and not show it. There was nothing stopping then from releasing the “mountains” of evidence about fraud they claimed to have, even if the courts declined to hear the cases. Saying it “didn’t pass the sniff test” makes no sense at all with no evidence provided, and your own opinion being based off the conforming views of those you communicate with. This isn’t a generalization – those that denying the legitimacy of the vote count, after all those employed to verify it (many of whom were in positions and states that had a more vested interest in Trump winning, so their stating the results of their investigations should lend credence to their legitimacy) are truly brainwashed. They were repeatedly told what they wanted to hear, with no basis of truth, and they believe it because it fits the narrative

        3. Scoop, your falling into the same trap that i did.. KH for roughly half of the population is a scarier proposition.

          Have had and rejected dealings with members of the Biden family so yes his kid(s) the Trump “kids” have been engaging and knowledgeable in my brief dealings and not there in body only.

          Please do addlt research on mob ties before you spout off about JK’s. Again, not a model for our own but the case study we call California is the eutopia we are looking to recreate nationwide under this administration and it does concern me!

          I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people in my short life and those that scare me most are those that concel who they are or what they stand behind.

          1. Anybody here speak pidgin that wants to take a shot at translating this gibberish? Reads like someone is deeply in his cups.

          2. I never said Kushner had ties to mobsters. He IS a mobster. Witness tampering is not an example of white collar shenanigans. It is a big boy crime.

            As for Kamala Harris – get real. She was a DA with an outstanding conviction record. You can’t get more conservative and “law and order” than that. There’s only one reason for people to be afraid of her – so I guess we know what’s wrong with that half of the population.

            Hint: “The new sheriff’s a n______”

            As for the Trump kids, I can’t tell you about Eric, but Don Jr and Ivanka are as mentally slow as their Dad. Google the time that Howard Stern asked the three of them to do simple arithmetic.

    2. What are the thoughts on the 15 exec orders signed today? Which one was best? Which one put the most money in people’s pockets?

      Personally I love, albeit what will be a fought decision to rejoin the Paris Accord. You made a lot of Americans a lot of money for development of oil on private lands. Thank you!

      Worked at $40/oil, will be great at $65

      1. I think the whole “fucking doing something about covid” one is the best. End the pandemic, the economy will get banging again. I know it’s controversial, that’s just the way I feel.

        1. Correct, pandemic has to be stopped first and foremost

          See Scoops COVID updates, numbers are dropping thankfully, with huge numbers that contracted and now should have antibodies we have bought ourselves some time and thankfully the previous administration worked with big pharm and dumped billions into a vaccine that is now out (albeit in small qty thus far)

          I just hope that Biden can unify the country, not looking great so far but the fault for that lies on both sides of the isle

          1. On one side we have people that
            -perpetuated blatant lies about election results
            -attempted to overthrow Democracy by violent methods
            -ignored scientific and medical recommendations and purposefully spread a deadly virus
            -engaged in nonstop racist dog-whistling
            -shitted on long-standing norms of behavior

            On the other side we have a group that
            -did none of that

            But it’s “both sides fault”.

          2. It is both sides’ fault equally. The scandals and crimes allegedly committed by conservatives are exactly equivalent to the ones allegedly committed by liberals. The only difference is that the ones committed by conservatives actually happened.

            Or, as I have pointed out many times, the average American is too dumb to complete this syllogism correctly

            Conservatives always lie
            Conservatives say that liberals also always lie
            Therefore …

            The average American, let’s call him Tony Dumbass, thinks the proper logical conclusion is “they are equally bad.”

  2. Two blocks away from my digs!
    Good pizza – albeit miniscule and pricy.
    I was just reading a post last week that their having a basement was definite proof of being a center of pedophilia. All those cans of San Marzanos from wall to wall are just clever camouflage.

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