Elizabeth Olsen naked in episode 5 of Love & Death

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13 thoughts on “Elizabeth Olsen naked in episode 5 of Love & Death

  1. So many years of this beauty lost to Marvel movies – glad she’s back showin the booty

  2. Nowadays, they keep remaking movies that I saw when they were new. Then I remember that is because they were new in the 1970’s, some of which is 50 years ago now.

    I don’t remember this scene in original Love & Death, but that’s probably just me and my no-doubt failing memory. I wonder who they got for the Woody Allen role?

    1. Good line.

      On a related point, I wonder why nobody seemed to be upset in the 1970s and 1980s when they were remaking pictures from the 1930s and 1940s. It seemed back then that 40-year-old films needed to be refreshed, but that attitude doesn’t seem to prevail today.

      I guess it could be because those remakes in the 70s and 80s involved such massive technological upgrades (improved sound, color, wider screen aspect, lack of censorship, more realistic acting), while today’s remakes of 40-year-old films seem to look and feel like the same old presentation with a new cast, sort of like when the original Broadway cast is replaced with the second group.

      Lacking any innovations, content creators really have to struggle to come up with new twists to justify a remake. I have enjoyed what they’ve done with Perry Mason and Fatal Attraction, for example, but I have to admit that it seems like the new Perry Mason series simply borrows the names of the principals from the books and TV series, but is otherwise unrelated.

      1. It’s because the remakes are crap.

        They did a remake of Blue Lagoon. No one got naked.

        They did a remake of Vanishing Point. No one got naked.

        If they did a remake of 10, probably no one would get naked. Except Dudley Moore’s character (who would probably be played by Jack Black).

        We’ll have to see how the remakes of Barbarella and Logan’s Run turn out. Although probably no one’s gonna get naked except maybe Lizzo or someone.

        1. I’m waiting for a remake of Body Heat with no sex, nudity or violence.

      2. Yeah, they remade older movies

        But that was not ALL they did

        They still made plenty of original movies

        Now everything is a remake, a sequel, an adaptation of a superhero comic

        1. Yeah, my understanding is that the yearly number of original features today is wayyy less than in the 70s.

    2. Or their other favorite thing to do – they’ll re-use a title, but it’s not a remake, it’s just a movie with the same name. Watch: they’ll remake Deep Throat as the tale of an ear/nose/throat MD.

      1. They’ll also flip the genders, like Ghostbusters. And I think they were gonna do Splash! with a merman instead.

        Let’s see them do that with Chatterbox. With Ryan Reynolds as the lead.

      1. Not bad, but What’s Up Tigerlily? – “Just get that recipe, ass!”

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