College Pigskin recap, week 6

Weekly summary:

Oh, you can call me a crotchety old cynic, but I’m not buying the ranking of Coastal Carolina as the 15th best team in the nation. 15th? I do think, however, that if they joined the 14-team SEC, they would rank 15th in the conference. (OK, maybe it would be close against Vanderbilt for that coveted #14 spot.)

Good on the Aggies, beating Alabama with a FG in the final play. The computer geeks still rank ‘Bama #2 in the land.

After curb-stomping LSU, Kentucky has started to get some respect for their 6-0 record in what is traditionally the toughest conference in the country. Of course that could all end next week when they go on the road to take on the #1 Georgia Bulldogs. Sagarin’s computer says Georgia is 16-21 points better.

The annual Rutgers watch: you may have noticed that they started 3-0 this year, including an overwhelming 61-14 win in the season opener. (A good time to re-evaluate your program: you lose to Rutgers by 47 points.) Unfortunately for them, they could not schedule games against division three women’s chess teams forever, and they lost all three of their conference games. In all fairness, all three of those losses were to top-20 teams, so as much as I hate to lose my favorite whipping-boy, it appears that Rutgers is now respectable. I might actually have to learn their team nickname and stop calling them the Rutgers Hornsbys or the Rutgers Andhammersteins.

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  1. Hey! I went to Rutgers (’82). The Scarlet Knights are only two years away from a winning record. Mark my words!

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