The moral of the story: Don’t live in California if your job allows you to live anywhere.

  • In Charlotte N.C., you can buy a regal estate for that money.
  • In Columbus, Ohio, or Houston you can buy a handsomely appointed house with 4000 sq feet of living space and five bedrooms on about 3/4 of an acre. (The one in Houston is waterfront property.)
  • In San Francisco, you’re on the verge of homelessness.

For a million dollars in my town, you can pretty much have any house you can find. Here is an example: 6900 square feet of living space on the waterfront.

Hawaii is not covered in the article. Here’s what you can get for a million bucks in Honolulu – a tiny, well-worn 70-year-old house with 900 sq ft. of living space and one very tiny bathroom. In my area this would go for about $90,000.

I wouldn’t normally link to this playlist because we’ve been through this discussion so many times, but I was startled to see, in the middle of the familiar earworms, a real surprise. You probably know that there have been many versions of Try a Little Tenderness. Bing Crosby crooned it back in the 1930s, and Otis Redding totally nailed an R&B version in the 1960s.

But I think you’ve never heard the song until you hear it performed by Dragnet’s Jack Webb, from his never-to-be-forgotten album, “Just the Tracks, Ma’am.” (I did not make that up.) Perhaps you thought Otis Redding had some soul? Amateur! It’s Webb that really brought the downtown funk! This will remain the definitive version unless we can coax one out of Shatner.

While we’re on the topic – have you ever heard Donald Trump singing the theme to Green Acres? This could make your day.

UPDATE #3: This seems to be the highlight of the release. It seems to be an uncensored version of the watermarked and censored pic that was floating around earlier .

Here it is with sound, although there really is nothing to hear.

UPDATE from the comment section:

“A drop? Probably ie it’s only 6 pics/6 vids hence, ergo, therefore not a lot of dripping to be had lol. Nudes? No, only a side view of her left tit in one of the six vids. Plus she pees in a large fast food (?) cup.

But hey, it’s Selena …


p.s. It’s nice being one of the few who actually have her set (currently) and reading all the over reactions/hyperbole re: said set.”

UPDATE #2 from the comment section:

“Upon further review the topless vid you do see both her boobs ~ barely, but the left boob is so prominent you really don’t focus on her right boob. Plus the handbra pics/vid is about it. If not for being Selena totally forgettable.

Having searched for female celeb nudity since the late ’60s the journey is oft times more exciting than the final destination. Being older would like to see Lana Turner full frontal and Shirley Jones’ sex tape, etc. from Hef’s vault 😮 if they exist.

Digressing …”

Netflix noted that the series has ranked as its No. 1 show in 94 countries including the U.S. and said that it had “pierced the cultural zeitgeist” with skits on Saturday Night Live and memes on TikTok gathering more than 42 billion views.”

Footnote: The population of earth is a bit less than 8 billion. Only 4.7 billion of them have access to the internet, and only about one billion use TikTok. So on the average, every TikTok user has viewed 42 memes from the ol’ Calamari Game.

I have some catching up to do.

It’s not really a malfunction. This dress was designed to do this.

I love her name, which sounds like it should belong to a wench in one of Shakespeare’s plays. I had no idea who she was, so I consulted her IMDb bio, which says it all quite succinctly:

“Longbottom not only has been featured in such publications as Nuts, Maxim, and The Daily Sport, but also has worked for various adult websites that include Only Tease, Strictly Tease, and This Is Glamour. Moreover, Sarah was the Playboy UK Cybergirl of the Month for July, 2009.

Outside of modeling, Longbottom is also a qualified make-up artist.”

Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals the Sex Advice She Gave Her Teenage Kids

I know it sounds boring, but I was surprised to see that it was:

“I tell you this my children: Light one of my vagina scented-candles and put on some Black Sabbath. Then fuck like there’s no tomorrow; devour like a beast; wail like a banshee.”

Nah, I’m just fuckin’ witcha. That was the sex advice of either Pope Francis or Mickey Rourke. I forget which. Gwyn just offered some cliches so tedious that they would have bored Polonius. In fact Polonius actually offered Laertes a more eloquent version of the very same advice:

Polonius: “This above all: to thine own self be true”

Paltrow: “You have to stay really close to your own truth.”