“A survey published in Basic and Clinical Andrology measured the stretched penile length (SPL) of 126 adults aged between 30 and 60 alongside a range of other data including nose size, height, and weight, and found a direct correlation between nose size and penis length.”

Man, that Gerard Depardieu must be hung like Secretariat.

“A couple retreats to the island that inspired Ingmar Bergman to write screenplays.”

Whoo-hoo! Party time!

The actual spot, Bergman Island, is regarded as the world’s most depressing vacation destination. It’s the direct opposite of Fantasy Island. Instead of fantasy, there is only grim, somber reality. As you visit, you join everyone else there in staring off blankly into the middle distance while you consider the futility and essential pointlessness of a completely accidental existence that must be endured until a lonely death.

And the buffet is great!

Except maybe a little too heavy on the herring.

Now that I think about it, it’s only the second-worst vacation destination, right after this one.

Anyway, here’s Mia:

Mia Wasikowska in Bergman Island (2021)

He didn’t need the ninth inning this time. He had already hit three homers by then.

“He’s just the 11th player to hit three homers in a postseason game and the first to do so with his team facing elimination. He also drove in six runs, becoming the first player in postseason history with at least six RBIs from the No. 7 spot or lower in the batting order.”

“Los Angeles’ five through eight hitters — Pollock, Pujols, Taylor and Cody Bellinger — combined to go a stunning 12-for-18 with five home runs