So, I guess Avenatti’s presidential campaign is kinda stalled.

(Still ahead of de Blasio)

“Los Angeles prosecutors also indicted Avenatti last month for embezzling millions of dollars from his clients, one of whom was a mentally-ill paraplegic who won a suit against the city of Los Angeles but never received his settlement because Avenatti allegedly stole it.”

Wait a minute! I might be wrong about his presidential aspirations. He seems to be a total sleazeball and a blowhard. That sounds presidential to me!

You can study the numbers and take away many different conclusions.

Two I came up with: (1) Beto O’Rourke is pretty much dead in the water; (2) de Blasio was never in the water to begin with.

Beto’s net favorability rating is about as bad as Trump’s, and that’s worse than it sounds, because Trump at least has 38% of the country who know him and approve of him. Beto, on the other hand, is largely unknown to the general public, and those that do know him don’t really care for him! To put it bluntly, he is at the Mendoza line, which for politicians is the Hickenlooper line.

There is nothing positive to say about de Blasio. He is almost universally despised. How the hell could he have studied his chances and decided to run?

Favorability among those who have an opinion:

Biden 56% (49 positive – 39 negative)
Buttigieg 55% (23-19)
Harris 47% (27-30)
Sanders 46% (41-48)
Kloubuchar 46% (16-19)
Warren 44% (32-41)
Booker 43% (23-31)
Trump 40% (38-57)
Gillibrand 40% (17-26)
Hickenlooper 38% (8-13)
O’Rourke 38% (20-32)
de Blasio 15% (8-45)

NOTE: Given the poll’s margin of error, Cory Booker is more or less in the same boat as O’Rourke.

“This August at the Prospect Park Music Pagoda, Torn Out will present its fourth au naturel production: an anthology called Mere Flesh and Blood. The show will include scenes from all three of the group’s previous offerings, as well as excerpts from other works, including Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew and Richard III.”

Richard III?

“Some pants, some pants! My kingdom for some pants!”