These arguments are obviously incorrect. They are based on the premise that multiple investigations in the House serve no legislative purpose, and that Congress cannot exercise law enforcement powers.

The argument is false in two ways:

1. It starts with the false assumption that Congress is only empowered by the Constitution to create laws. That’s obviously wrong. The Constitution specifically details at least one other important purpose – the removal of a President through the process of impeachment! Their investigations need not serve a law-making purpose if they serve the purpose of the impeachment process!

2. It assumes that no matter how evil a President might be, if he orders the Justice Department not to investigate him, he therefore cannot be investigated at all!

Let us posit that the Justice Department policy is correct, that a sitting president cannot be indicted by law enforcement. (And I’m not saying that is correct, but since that is the current policy, let’s take it as a given.) What do we do if a hypothetical Joe President is the Antichrist? He is funneling our tax dollars into offshore bank accounts. He is ordering the murder of political opponents. He rapes children of both sexes on the White House lawn. He praises Satan. He shuts down any investigation of him within the Executive branch – a simple matter since he is their boss.

Since it is a given that the Justice Department cannot exercise law enforcement powers against the President, and the President also has the authority to shut down any investigation of himself, it follows that the only way a Satanic President can be brought to justice is if the House takes on the mantle of law enforcement, investigates the President, impeaches him, and the Senate convicts him, thereby rendering him vulnerable to criminal prosecution. If the Congress can’t exercise law enforcement power in this case, including any and all investigatory powers, then we have determined that an evil President is completely above the law.

The bill would make it a crime for doctors to perform abortions at any stage of a pregnancy, unless a woman’s life is threatened or in case of a lethal fetal anomaly. There are no exceptions for rape or incest victims.

Assuming the law is enacted: If Alabama were a separate country, it would be have the least sophisticated abortion policy among major countries in the developed world. (Ireland had approximately the same laws, recently repealed. See the comment section.)

Of course that’s assuming Alabama would even be in the developed world without the welfare it receives from the richer states. Alabama is one of the nation’s major freeloaders, receiving more than $3.00 in Federal funds for every dollar it contributes in Federal taxes.