Oddly enough, I used this same exact excuse to get out of my finals in Quantum Mechanics.

It worked just as well as other two scams I used in other courses:

– exercising the Divine Right of Kings not to take the exam in Point-set Topology.

– purporting to be the Chosen One to avoid the final in Comparative Religion. (Which I almost was.) Actually, my teacher believed this one, but logically pointed out that being Chosen did not automatically rule out taking this final. In fact, he argued, it should have given me the inside track.


Jeez, I wonder … Can the Chosen One ever be deselected? Maybe I could have been the Chosen One if the winner of the Chosen Pageant was for any reason unable to serve his term.

Which as near as I can recall, was all eternity.

So maybe I’m still in the running.

She’s actually sixty something, and looks good, but there is more interesting Sharon Stone news today:

“According to Sharon Stone there’s a more explicit version of her hit film “Basic Instinct” on the way and she’s apparently not thrilled about it.”

“They’ve decided to release the director’s triple-X cut for the 30th anniversary.”

According to IndieWire:

“StudioCanal is set to release the “Basic Instinct” 4K restoration in France beginning June 16, followed by a June 17 launch in Australia and New Zealand. The restoration will also be available on Blu-ray and DVD in the United Kingdom (June 14) and Germany (June 17 2021). Rialto Pictures will be behind the restoration’s U.S. theatrical release, which will take place later this year.”

According to The Express:

“This version is otherwise known as the XXX version, as it contains full and longer footage of the intense interrogation scene.”

My notes: I’ll believe that “XXX” crap when I see it. To me that sounds like a hyperbole to sell some new Blu-Rays. My guess is that there is some deleted material in the bonus features, and that it is no more explicit than the scenes from the original movie. Remember that the famous leg-uncrossing scene is not the only bit of exposure in the film. There is an apparently unsimulated scene in which Michael Douglas performs cunnilingus on Stone,

image host image host

and another scene in which Douglas rips off Jeanne Tripplehorn’s panties, briefly exposing the works.

image host

Repeated by request:

All the famous “harem girl” shots are from an alternate version of Era Lui, Si! Si! (1951)

Per IMDb, “Nude scenes — including one featuring a topless Sophia Loren — were filmed for the alternate French release.” Sophia told an interviewer: “For the French version, they wanted me to have my chest bare. I did not want to but … I was hungry. After the scene, they come and say they must do some still pictures of me with nothing on top. I thought it had to be.”

If that French version still exists, it has never made it onto the internet at all. The rumor is that Sophia’s husband, producer Carlo Ponti Sr., destroyed all the prints of the topless version, so that only the stills remain.

image host image host image host image host image host image host

Even the tame Italian variant has been impossible to find for years (I have never seen it), but the Cinema Sirens site, as shown below, did claim to have that version for sale some years ago. I don’t know whether that is still true.

After years of searching I am pleased to share the fact that on Friday we mastered for DVD distribution a piece of movie…

Posted by CinemaSirens on Sunday, December 11, 2016