I’ve been doing this so long that I almost always recognize the celebs I find on the internet. Not in this case. I didn’t know who she is or what she is up to here, other than having fun in front of a camera. But there is something about this that caught my eye, so I guess I’m now being introduced to her and the fascinating subculture she inhabits.

IMDB says she is about to star in something called, or more accurately NOT called, the “untitled Kansas Bowling film.” I figured at first that it was some kind of sports movie spoof like Men With Brooms, or more specifically Kingpin. WRONG! It turns out that Kansas Bowling is somebody’s name, and that somebody is a very prolific actress and director in the world of micro-budget horror and other transgressive films and videos, in the manner of Troma and perhaps even sub-Troma, if that is even possible. Her very entertaining Wikipedia page mentions that “Bowling was the first inductee into the Troma Institute For Gifted Youth,” so her parents must be proud and elated.

Here are more tidbits from that page:

  • “Drangsal released a ‘controversial’ video for their song ‘Magst Du Mich’ directed by and starring Bowling and her sister, Parker Love Bowling, referencing pizzagate conspiracy theories and acting as ‘Hillary Clinton’s sex slaves.'”
  • “Bowling directed the video for the band Collapsing Scenery’s song ‘Resort Beyond the Last Resort.’ The video is based on Boyd Rice’s 1994 pro-rape manifesto ‘Revolt Against Penis Envy.'”

There is plenty more in that same vein in the Wikipedia article.

It’s a shame that her sister is named Parker Love Bowling and not Irene Love Bowling. That prevents her from using the moniker I. Love Bowling.

Anyway, enough about the Bowling sisters. On to Cynda McElvana, as promised