Well, guess what today is …

It is the 25th anniversary of Uncle Scoopy’s Fun House!

(Well, it might be today. It was in November of 1995. So let’s say today, since I happened to think of it.)

That’s a long time. It started in Bill Clinton’s first term. That’s a lot of editions – somewhere around 9000. I’m not sure how many editions there were in 1995 and 1996, because I couldn’t write it every day back then. I was traveling internationally in those 14.4 modem days, and there were plenty of places with no internet connections, or connections so slow they were useless. I tried, but I just couldn’t write my crappy little “e-zine” in relatively remote and primitive places like Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea and Indiana.

Sorry, Hoosiers. I’m just fuckin’ witcha.

But we have published an edition every day, seven days a week, for the last 23 of those 25 tours around the sun. I say “we” because three other people besides me have published the daily fun house, although I have contributed in some way every day. On the days when I didn’t assemble the page, I contributed a column, or links, or movie reviews and/or collages.

For trivia buffs, the other three guys who assembled and wrote the front page:

  • Tuna, now deceased, a computer professional from the San Francisco area, who only wrote about 15 pages at the very end of 1999, but contributed his comments and collages to thousands of pages. (He created about 100,000 collages.) In addition to¬† celebrity imaging, and running a hosting service, he was a brilliant photographer.
  • The Realist, an infrequent contributor, but an avid fan and a neighbor of mine in Austin, who left Texas to become an Ivy League assistant professor in the frozen north. He wrote the page for about a month when I was traveling with my two youngest kids. I don’t hear from him any more. It has been fifteen or twenty years since our young genius left for the north, so I suppose he is probably a full professor by now.
  • Scoopy Jr., my oldest son, another Austinite, who wrote the daily page for about three years (close to 1000 pages) while I concentrated exclusively on movie collages and reviews.

As for this page, Other Crap, it’s a real Johnny-come-lately by my standards. It has only been around for 17 1/2 years!

18 thoughts on “Well, guess what today is …

  1. Appreciate it as always. Long long time reader been checking your page since I was a wee lad at the dawn of the internet. Thanks uncle scoopy!

  2. Happy Silver Anniversary, Uncle Scoopy and thanks for years of fun. I appreciate your insight and wit. Having this site to wake up to every day has helped immensely to keep a light shining, especially this past garbage year.
    If you’re feeling it, more movie reviews would be fun. Movies are mostly comic-book crap these days, bu8t I’d be curious whether you think Burnt Orange Heresy is worthy of the book, just to pick one.
    Antway, big day!! Treat yourself, to the extent possible.

    1. Our governor said that he would have declared a partial lockdown, but the GOP legislature stripped away some of his powers with several maneuvers,

      Yes, we are bad. Not as bad as the Dakotas, but bad nonetheless.

  3. Congrats Scoop!!! I’ve read or viewed every one of those pages. I started way back when it was free, then with adult check, and have kept my subscription current ever since. Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Back in the day it was primarily you vs. “The D-Man” (Bi-Daily Nudes) and Mr. Skin and to some small extent Celebrity Sleuth who I think had an online presence then. I always gave my money to you because you cared about getting high-Q pics & accuracy, instead of just throwing pics up whether they’re shit quality or fakes. Funhouse was part of my morning routine for years. I also enjoyed your movie reviews & other comments; stuff the other sites didn’t have, which later became this site. Now you’re still going while the others folded other than Mr. Skin.

      1. Big Ben didn’t even need to play. The Bungles were so bad, a team of 100-year-old alzheimer’s patients could’ve beaten them.

  5. Keep on truckin Scoop.
    Btw, bizarre musical trivia I just chanced on. Arthur “God of Hellfire” Brown – still screaming out there -was a member of the Foundations (Baby Now That I’ve Found You, Buttercup, etc.) for “approximately one month in 1967”.

  6. Happy anniversary! Your site has been a great source of enjoyment for me at least the last 10+ Years. Thank you for doing such a great job at entertaining the masses.

  7. Congratulations! I have been around the page since somewhere in 95-96. Probably the only page I have consistently checked and followed daily in all of these years.

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