Porizkova naked in HD

This picture provided the cover of the May edition of Vogue in Czechia. It was shot on March 26th of this year.

Story here

Porizkova’s official birthday is April 9, 1965, so she would have been 15 when she posed for her first Vogue cover, which appeared in May of 1981.

Here is another cover in which she was 15:

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  1. Ocasek fucked her over hard. Weeks away from his death he cut her entirely out of his will claiming she “abandoned” him, when in fact she’s the one who found him dead in bed because she was caring for him when he became ill. Made me realize, Ocasek must’ve been a childish, narcissistic piece of shit.

    1. I haven’t followed that situation, but I remember reading that he also arbitrarily cut two of his six kids out of the will. It sounds like he was suffering from mental illness, possibly delusions and paranoia.

      That’s kinda what happens when people lose their marbles. I’m no expert on mental deterioration, but I experienced this personally. My sister was childless and unmarried, so she and I agreed that she would leave her estate to my children. But she was dotty and clueless, and ended up leaving everything to three of my four children, although there was no logic to the exclusion. (She named the other three by name and just left one out. I think she just plumb forgot, and never bothered to run the final wording past me.) She owned her house outright (thanks to my shrewd mother), so when the estate was settled, after paying her debts and paying for the costs of her death (hospital and funeral), three of the kids got about seventy grand apiece, and the other got nothing! I felt like it was up to me to make things right with the fourth, so basically my sister’s death cost me money. (And a great deal of time, because I was her executor, and lived five states away.) I was thrilled for my kids’ sudden windfall, because two of them really appreciated the money, but my sister’s mental debility was really a pain in my neck. Not to mention my wallet.

      I have a feeling that Porizkova is going through similar pains right now, and on a much larger scale.

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