New pics 12/03:

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Elsa Houben in “le coeur noir des forêts”:


Alisson Chassagne in “Hashtag Boomer”:


Manon Azem in “Hashtag Boomer”:


Fleur Geffrier in “Anomalie”:

Juliette Allain in “un dménagement”:

Magali Heu in “Europa”:

Eléonore Gosset in “l’art du crime”:

Clotilde Hesme in “Nona et ses filles”:


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Man who sold fried grasshoppers on Uganda Airlines plane faces jail”

Overheard in Ugandan prison:

“What are you guys in for?”


“Human trafficking”

“Selling grasshoppers”

“Yet Uganda Airlines said it would consider adding the delicacy to its menu upon request, noting the excitement onboard from passengers during a low season for grasshopper numbers in Uganda.”

Can Aussies drink the most? Maybe not! “It’s possible that they were the drunkest country in 2020 because they largely managed to avoid COVID-19 lockdowns. Bars and clubs remained open.” Heck, in Wisconsin we call Aussies “teetotalers.” Then again, Wisconsin is not a country. Yet.

Kidding aside, the article says that the average Australian gets drunk 27 times a year, and that the women drink more than the men. That’s a lot of alcohol abuse, even by Wisconsin standards.

“The holiday season is a time when people all around the world pause from their hectic daily lives to participate in cherished holiday traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation, no matter how stupid they are. But for sheer stupidity, no holiday tradition can compare with our annual Holiday Gift Guide. This is a curated collection of unique gift ideas that we painstakingly select via a ‘vetting’ process that can take us as long as 10 minutes, including a five-minute snack break. Every item in this guide is a real product that you can, for whatever depraved reason, actually buy. We know this because we personally purchased all of these items with the Miami Herald’s money, such as it is.”