The Hindenburg disaster – color-restored [4k Color]

From the National Archives, quoting reporter Herb Morrison.

Later in the broadcast, as reporter Herb Morrison learned that there were survivors, he said, “I hope that it isn’t as bad as I made it sound at the very beginning.” Years later, Morrison recalled that he yelled “Oh, the humanity,” because he thought everyone on board had died; in fact, sixty-two of the people on board survived.

A look back on how the media and the political left jumped on the Jussie bandwagon.

What ticks me off most about this guy is the fact that he didn’t plead guilty. Yeah, I know everyone is entitled to be tried by a jury if he so elects, but what was the point of doing so. Could his guilt have been any more obvious? The crimes he was accused of basically amounted to wasting the resources and time of those in the legal system. By going to trial against a mountain of evidence, with literally no defense of any kind except obvious lies, he showed just how little he cared about what he was accused of – because the fruitless trial just wasted more time and resources. I’m surprised the jury foreman didn’t echo The Producers: “Your honor, we find the defendant incredibly guilty.”

I suppose a guilty plea would have earned him a slap on the wrist, and a fine requiring him to pay back the city $130,000. That lenience wouldn’t really have bothered me at all. Now I hope he gets the maximum sentence on all of his charges. Screw this guy. He’s still lying. Furthermore, he should probably be further charged with many, many counts of perjury for his sworn testimony in the trial itself.