She confirmed that the pics were legit: “Book filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement after getting multiple text messages from an unknown number on Nov. 12, including two nude pictures that Book sent only to a close friend.”

Update: I think I had misunderstood this situation. I originally had assumed that the kid had somehow obtained some exclusive content of some kind, but now it seems that there was an avalanche of nude material hitting the internet, and this kid just happened to have a couple of the gazillion nude pics and explicit videos circulating around. Apparently he did not hack or originate material. He simply was one of many people with some leaked material, and he tried to turn that into a profit with a meaningless blackmail scheme. I will argue for “meaningless” because even if she had paid him and he had subsequently surrendered whatever he had, it would have made no difference. Pandora’s Box had already opened. The Phun site alone has unearthed a couple dozen videos and many pics, many of them XXX explicit. The Phun thread can be found here.


#1 Alabama and #4 Cincinnati will square off in the semi-finals, while #2 Michigan will have its hands full with #3 Georgia. It’s not inconceivable that the championship game will be a Georgia-Alabama rematch. Georgia is favored by 7 1/2 over Michigan, and Alabama is favored by about a thousand over Cincinnati. (The opening line is actually 13 1/2)

Notre Dame did not get an invitation to the big event. As the #5 team, the Irish ended up with their faces pressed up against the outside of the window, listening to the laughter, admiring the party decorations, and wondering whether the revelers are really having fun – something I call “a Scoopy Christmas.”

UPDATE: All the Bowl Game match-ups have been announced, and almost all of the opening lines have been set.