You may have seen that 2160p videos, aka 4K videos, are starting to appear more and more often in The Fun House and elsewhere.

If you are frustrated by playback on VLC and elsewhere, join the club. I’ve read every tip on the internet for playing 4K on VLC, and there are many of them, but none of them worked for me. The videos would stutter, or the video playback would stop while the audio continued, or the audio and video would be out of synch, or the playback would just freeze. I just assumed that my old but trusted computer just didn’t have the necessary processing power.

Then I got frustrated, and ambitious to try other solutions. It turns out that Media Player Classic handles any 4K video with ease. MPC is an extremely light-weight, open source media player, which unfortunately, runs on Windows only. It supports all common video and audio file formats. I’ve had it sitting on my computer for years, but rarely used it, because VLC always did the job. Until now.

However …

Since the MPC itself comes with no native 4k playback ability, you will have to install the K-Lite Codec Pack before you can play 4K videos with it. This is a breeze. MPC uses very little processing power and, once you install K-Kite, handles 4K like a dream. It is the cat’s pajamas. (And it also takes good 3840×2160 screenshots using ALT-I.) I tip my cap to the open source guys who keep MPC and K-Lite up to speed and gain nothing from doing so!

Perhaps some of our contributors will offer other solutions for other operating systems.

Meira Durand in the latest episode of Tatort. (Minimal nudity)

There is nothing special about this link. It’s probably not even worth looking at unless you’re a huge Meira Durand fan.

But …. Tatort?

Here are some of the shows that debuted the same year as Tatort: The Odd Couple (Tony Randall version), The Mary Tyler Moore Show, McCloud.

Here are some of the other shows that were on the air then: Bewitched, Bonanza, Green Acres, Gunsmoke, Hogan’s Heroes, Mayberry RFD, My Three Sons, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Mod Squad.

Those shows are long gone, and most of their stars long passed from this earth, but Tatort presses on, still popular.

According to a poster on Reddit: “In 2000 she was in a play as an Exotic Dancer; the part called for her to strip. Lucky for us, someone took a photo.”


Thanks to everyone in the comments section who contributed to this update.

The name of the play was “Eye Contact” (2000), and it played at the Riverside Theatre in southwest London.  Here is Variety’s review of the play It seems that there were many similar photos, although the one in the original post  above was the only one with any nudity. Some of them appeared in The Sun. One contributor wrote: “Looking at the quality of the picture, including the lack of blur from hand motion, the angle of the picture etc., this is a publicity shot leaked to ensure sellouts.”

Here is what else we found out:

“The shows all sold out at the Riverside. It was hard to get a ticket. Kelly showed far less than the others, basically just the single flash caught in the photo (from the original link). And that would have had to be from the side of the stage, because she kept her back to the audience when her bra came off. So even sitting in the front row you couldn’t see much.”

I have excerpted quotes from the contributors in an attempt to make the entire piece read smoothly. You can still follow (or contribute to) the original unexpurgated discussion/debate in the comments area if you care to.