Gayle King describes explosive interview with R. Kelly

Crazy stuff.

2 thoughts on “Gayle King describes explosive interview with R. Kelly

  1. “The uploader has not made this video available in my country.”

    I came up with this joke yesterday, so for all I know, my joke and the video might be virtually the same. Of course, the basic working premise of my joke is scarcely original.

    R Kelly ruined his claims of innocence at the end of the interview he conducted in which he proclaimed his innocence. He ended up by saying “I’m so upset right now that I need to find a 14 year old girl, and kidnap and rape her.”

  2. He doesn’t say that, but it’s clearly there between the lines.

    Gawd, Gayle must have the nerves of a tailgunner. I hope they were waiting for her just off-camera with four fingers of really good scotch.

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