Romy Schneider topless, 1973

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  1. On 23 September 2020, Google celebrated her 82nd birthday with a Google Doodle in Germany, France, Austria, Iceland and Ukraine. Somebody needs to explain Iceland and Ukraine…

  2. It’s always amazed me that two of the towering figures of the age – Henry II and Eleanor- could have produced such a bunch of worthless sons, including two of the worse kings in English history. Of course they were only married after Eleanor’s first concluded she was incapable of having any sons at all.
    Vienna is something else.

  3. Damn few historical characters were anywhere near as good looking as the actress who played them. Empress Elizabeth of Austria might have been an exception. And we’re talking Romy Schneider as the actress here. Played her four times. Unfortunately with clothing intact.

    Elizabeth was a very unhappy woman. Her son blew his brains out. Her sister burned up in a fire. She was married to one of the greatest dullards in history, Franz Josef, and wandered all over Europe to get away from him. And to top it all off, she was finally stabbed in the heart by an anarchist who had settled upon her after being unable to kill his original intended victim, a French duke.

    1. Sissi and Romy are both legendary figures in Austria, where I passed some years of my life.

      I’ve mentioned many times how Katherine Hepburn seems to have been born to play Eleanor of Aquitaine. If I believed in such things, I’d probably say she was the reincarnation of Eleanor. You might say something similar about Romy and Sissi.

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