Josephine Skriver – well … pretty much ready for the Hustler Beaver Hunt

Soused Stepdad wrote, in his characteristic, sensitive way:

“It’s an outtake of Josephine Skriver that is doing the rounds from a photoshoot with the iconic and legendary nude photographer champ DAVID BELLEMERE who for a while was getting ALL the fashion shoots, back before the bullshit tried to take out the hot nude shoots that everyone was doing at the time. The reason this shoot is important is because you can basically see her whole pussy, which is what I am into looking at, as a fan of pussy – and it’s a pretty nice looking pussy.”

10 thoughts on “Josephine Skriver – well … pretty much ready for the Hustler Beaver Hunt

  1. Me Too bullshit? C’mon, a bunch of rich assholes were/are using their power to rape people. Maybe there are some negative side effects, but I certainly wouldn’t call it bullshit.

    1. Yes “me too bullshit”. A bunch of liberals screaming about a bunch of liberal predators and then projecting that onto conservatives. Pretty standard liberal hypocrisy.

        1. I’m not convinced that you couldn’t make an equally long list of liberal sins from the Kennedys to Bill Clinton to the Cuomos. We are tribal, and we tend to enable those in our tribe.

          1. There’s always a certain amount of tribalism. Didn’t stop the Dems from throwing Andrew Cuomo, Al Franken or Anthony Weiner under a bus.

            Meanwhile, the GOP almost made a pedophile president and generally run on a family values ticket. You’d figure the Christian values set would hate adultery but they regularly enable worse.

          2. Weiner and Cuomo weren’t abandoned by their party because of their sexual behavior, but because they were arrogant assholes who had no friends. The scandals just gave everyone an excuse for schadenfreude. Both men spent their lives burning bridges, so their parties were happy to be rid of them.

            Franken? His colleagues felt that they had to condemn him in order to appear pure in the Roy Moore mess. He just needed to be less of a wuss, tough it out, wait for the ethics committee report, and it would all have blown over. He’s a smart man, and he should have figured out that his colleagues were just posturing publicly because they had to. Forget it, Jake. It’s Politicstown.

            The key point here is that Republicans CAN’T condemn Donald Trump for sexual offenses, because if they condemn Trump, they will be primaried and will be out of a job. On the other extreme, Democrats MUST condemn Al Franken for sexual offenses because if they do not, they will be primaried and out of a job. Morality and ethics don’t really enter into these decisions. That’s not really hypocrisy, but just survival skills.

          3. The “why” is not really relevant. Results matter. Dem voters expect better, GOP voters don’t.

            I’ve seen a few different lists featuring Democrat sex scandals. They’re not as comprehensive as Dailykos’s GOP list.

            There’s still nothing as blatantly evil as having an actual pedophile be Speaker of the House (Dennis Hastert, 1998-2006). There’s nothing as cartoonishly stupid as Matt Gaetz voting against two different sex trafficking bills and then later be investigated for just that.

          4. Agree w @PCP. As Kuato said: “You are what you do.” While @US believes cynicism his #1 virtue, it’s shot w false equiv. Agree, altruism is motivated by image-making/role-playing & the wish to be seen/see oneself as good. Yet, there’s a real difference between aspiring to appear “good” & aspiring no such thing, only personal gain by tearing down “good guys”.

    2. That’s a quote from him. I don’t agree. I rarely, if ever, agree with his sentiments, but he comes up with some good photos.

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