Newsom survives the recall by a great margin

His original margin of victory in 2018 was 24 points. This one is running 28 as I type this.

When he won in 2018, he got the highest number of gubernatorial votes (7.7 million) in California history. In fact, he got more than the two major 2014 candidates added together! This recall election has a chance to top that number, depending on the final count of voters and the final margin of victory.

Having noted all of that, let’s add that it is time for California to review some of its preposterous election procedures on recalls and referenda.

4 thoughts on “Newsom survives the recall by a great margin

  1. Wonderful. More homelessness, crime, protected illegal alien felons, shitting on the street in SF, attacking police, and higher taxes driving these nut jobs to Texas where they import their politics and turn another state into a cesspool like California. Liberals are a disease that spread and tear down quality of life wherever they go while they live in fancy neighborhoods with big beautiful walls. Fucking hypocrites.

    1. I’m surprised you lot don’t like California more.

      They contribute massively to the federal government who in turn give tonnes of money to shitty GOP led states who do nothing but make their citizens miserable.

  2. Eh, the line now is “this was All the Republicans fault!” but that’s revisionist history.

    Newsom saw this office as a stepping stone for president. He didn’t plan on actually working. Then the state nearly burned down and the apocalypse happened and he had to work on more than his hair.

    And he did a really, really shitty job of it from the top down.

    I’m in Texas now but I’ve still got a ton of friends in California, almost entirely lefties, and they had zero kind words to say about Governor Goodhair prior to the recall. He’d fucked up every step of the way, not acting then overreacting during the fires, during the protests last year and during the pandemic.

    Who can forget his brilliant guidance and plans for how to handle Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas? Advice on how best to social distance? Programs to fund safer public celebrations and discourage large superspreader private gatherings?

    Nope, BAN THEM ALL!!!

    Which resulted in people doing whatever the fuck they wanted and massive infection vectors from every damn one.

    Just one example.

    Mortuaries are still crying out for help that isn’t coming, federal funds sit undistributed because they can’t figure out how to get that done…California remains a disaster.

    But, they didn’t run a Democrat option, so voters were left with complete nutjob Elder or more Newsom, so there you are.

    Bear in mind the Democrat party in California was find with Governor Moonbeam PART TWO so this shouldn’t surprise.

    I’m so glad I’m in Texas. Our leaders are currently all fucked up, but we’re firing them next year, so we’ll be okay.

    Y’all are just boned.

  3. The entire thing was a complete clusterfuck. It cost us $276M that would have been better spent on just about anything. But somehow our GOP thought spending all that money on a vain attempt to grab the Governor’s mansion for 1 year (with Democratic super majorities in the Assembly and State Senate that would basically cripple anything the governor attempted to do) would be money well spent. The guy that was leading from their party was seriously coming off as black white supremacist. They started crying “voter fraud” on Monday. These numbers will just make that louder. Not that 2/3rds of the populace lives in The LA basin, SF Bay Area, and Sacramento area that are overwhelmingly Democratic.
    As for fixing the system.
    Why would we fix the system that gave us Prop 8 (the anti-gay marriage bill that was ultimately killed in the courts)? Why would we fix a system where a small minority of whack jobs (usually from less populated parts of the state) can get funded from private out of state interests and cost the state 1/4B dollars or more? Nah.

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