Your Arizona tax dollars at work

The three-week audit has finally come to a conclusion after nearly six months. A draft of the Republican-backed “audit” of the Arizona election results in Maricopa County showed that Biden actually won by more than previously thought!

I was surprised by this result. I assumed that the Cyber Ninjas guy was both ignorant and corrupt. He did turn out to be incredibly ignorant about election procedures and laws, based on some of the bizarre statements in the report, but it seems that he did not prove to be corrupt, and did not manufacture some phony-baloney reasons why Trump actually got more votes, or Biden less.

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  1. Why would a recount be different?

    The audit, on the other hand, came up with some troubling information.
    Among issues found

    There were over 50K votes that have issues.
    There was only a 10.4k margin of victory.

    Issues PROVEN:
    23,344 voters had MOVED prior to election
    -15,035 moved prior to registration deadline
    – 6,591 moved to another STATE
    – 1,718 moved to another COUNTY

    5,295 voted at least TWICE (two or more counties)

    9,041 MORE ballots from early voting than were actually mailed. IE Voted twice.

    Data was deleted off the server.

    1. Alright, Peter, just listen. Everything is going to be fine. You’re very high right now. You will probably be that way for about five more hours. Try taking some vitamin B complex, vitamin C complex.. if you have a beer, go ahead and drink it…
      Just remember you’re a living organism on this planet, and you’re very safe. You’ve just taken a heavy drug. Relax, stay inside and listen to some music, Okay? Do you have any Allman Brothers?

      1. All fine advice, Nature Mom, and I hope it helps. But I think John Doe is far down the road of believing that any election result he does not like is fraudulent in some way that even the CYBER NINJAS cannot detect.

        Presumably we will not know the truth until Trump returns to office and gets Hillary’s e-mail server back from the Ukraine.

      2. Both sides taking what they want to hear from this and we can fight for ever if we wanted to.

        Let’s just do something productive and revise voting laws requiring ID and we won’t have this conversation again.

        Hell we all need to get a new ID with a gold star on it to get on a plane, why don’t we show one to vote?

        1. If it were only that simple. Trumpettes are never going to accept a vote against Trump (however notarized) as legitimate.
          Maybe they think black votes shouldn’t count, maybe they believe that a system that doesn’t have its thumb on the scale for them (above and beyond the Electoral College, gerrymandering, and the filibuster, I mean) is no system at all. Whatever. It’s not insufficient credentialing that’s the assault on democracy, it’s this happy horseshit here.

        2. Nope, one side is taking what they want to believe, and the other is accepting reality as attested to by REPUBLICAN election officials. Do you think I wanted to believe that Trump go so many votes, or that the Republicans elected so many Senators? If one side was committing fraud, they would have done a better job than that.

          Sorry, MidCon, but it sucks to be you. I mean, I assume it does generally, but particularly with regard to the 2020 elections.

        3. “Let’s just do something productive and revise voting laws requiring ID and we won’t have this conversation again. ”

          Federally mandated laws involve distracting, polling station placement and volume, campaign finance, automatic registration, early and remote voting and just for you because I know you really want it, a federal voting ID that is easy and free to obtain.

          This sounds great. Make it so.

        4. “Let’s just do something productive”
          Indeed, starting today will ignore fools/idiots/trolls at other crap’s comment section. 😛

          Although engaging trumpkins/trolls can be somewhat amusing/entertaining if taken in moderation. YMMV 🙂

          Yielding back the balance of my time …

    2. In the 2000 presidential election, between the time I voted and the time Bush was declared the winner, I moved to a new apartment.
      Based on the way that Cyber-Ninjas has interpreted the data from this election, my actions 20+ years ago means I voted illegally.
      During that same election, my girlfriend (at the time) voted using her parent’s address despite having moved onto a college campus apartment in a different county months before the election.
      According to how Cyber-Ninjas has interpreted data, that means she also illegally voted.

      However, on the basis of how actual voting laws work, neither of us broke any laws or did anything wrong. Cyber-Ninjas never tried to reconcile the list of those who moved prior to the election with where they were currently living, nor di they try to determine if those who moved to other areas were legally unable to continue to vote in the Maricopa County elections.
      And I wouldn’t put much faith in Cyber-Ninjas ability to count – when they counted ballots in the presidential election, they had a count of 2,088,569.
      When they counted the same collection of ballots for the Senate election, they only counted 2,088,396.
      Somehow Cyber-Ninjas couldn’t get the same number of ballots when counting them twice, despite working from the same set. If they cannot even count to the same number twice, how can you actually expect anyone to take anything else they “found” seriously?

    3. There’s nothing suspicious or “troubling” about any of this, especially in a state that has early voting 27 days before election day. These comments just reflect the facts that the alleged auditors knew nothing about elections, or even about how life works in general.

      1. The “auditors” matched voter addresses on the ballots to a commercial database, not to official voting records, so those voters did not necessarily move at all. Just as two examples, Maricopa County is filled with college students and snowbirds who have two permanent addresses. If they choose to vote in Arizona, which is legal, their permanent addresses on the commercial database (home) may not be the same as the addresses on their ballot (residence in Arizona), and it would appear that they moved. In point of fact, for the November general election, Maricopa County had 20,933 one-time temporary address requests, which explains the vast majority of the 23,344 cases the “auditors” mentioned. In these cases, the temporary address would not match the permanent address on either the voter rolls or the commercial database. That’s all perfectly legal – which is something that the “auditors” should have mentioned.

      2. The other two or three thousand people of those original 23,344, representing a tiny number in a county of two million voters, are probably either military personnel assigned to a mailing address out-of-state, but voting in Arizona, or people like me who simply moved legally. I voted by mail early, with my legal address at the time, and have moved TWICE since then, including once before the actual election day! (Sold my house, moved into girlfriend’s house, moved into new place.) You may not realize how often people in America move. In any given year, 10.1% of the US population changes addresses. Therefore, in any given week, 0.1942% of Americans change addresses. Assuming there is an average of a week between mailing the ballot (or casting an early in-person vote) and the official election day, and assuming approximately 1.63 million mail-in ballots or in-person early voting ballots in Maricopa County, one would expect a small number of those voters (about 3,000) to have changed addresses between mailing or casting their ballots and election day, just as I did.

      3. Of course data is moved from time to time. Server capacity is not infinite. Data deleted from one specific server doesn’t mean the data was deleted entirely. The data in question was simply moved onto a different computer designated for long-term storage.

      4. Having received more mail ballots than the number mailed out doesn’t mean they were “voting twice.” It means there was some kind of error – like a missing signature – on their original ballot, so they had to re-do it. In those cases, election workers are required to contact the voter to ensure that their vote will count. Both the original invalid ballot and the corrected one are photographed and recorded as “received,” but only the ones with valid signatures are opened and counted.

      5. The “two or more counties” thing is just poor matching, per Maricopa officials, who noted: “Different people, same name and birth year. Example: if you search for Maria Garcia born in 1980, you’ll get 7 active voters in Maricopa County and 12 statewide. And that’s just one name.”

      6. Finally, all of this would prove nothing even if all of Cyber Ninjas’ suspicions turned out to be legitimate problems. Let’s assume there really are 50,000 votes with issues. There aren’t, but let’s assume there are for a sec. First of all, all 50,000 of those questionable votes may have gone to Trump. (If I remember right, I recall reading that 100% of the fraudulent vote prosecutions in Pennsylvania – albeit 100% of a very small number like three – were Republicans.) But on a more realistic note, if Trump got even 40% of them, meaning that Biden got an unlikely 60%, thus beating Trump 30000-20000 on those ballots, Trump would still have lost the state! If those votes broke 51-49, like the rest of the county, the impact on the race would be negligible.

      So, (1) it appears that none of those alleged problems actually existed, but (2) even if they had, they would have made no difference in the election.

      For info: Here is Maricopa’s detailed commentary on the items you mentioned.

  2. The Ninjas are playing the long game here. This way, when they say Trump won Texas, they’ll be believed.

    1. Brilliant!

      Although Trump already did win Texas, so their strategy must be slightly different. Here’s how I see it:

      The REAL long con is simply to cast doubt on election results. Remember that Trump himself, because he always says the quiet part out loud, has admitted that if every legal voter were allowed to vote, Republicans could never win another national election. That is their problem. Therefore, conservatives must do everything they can to address that problem, or cede power forever.

      The key thing they have to establish is that election results are not real.

      The next steps are:

      Make it almost impossible for urban minorities and college students to cast their ballots.

      If that fails and Democrats still win some close elections, install or elect corrupt Republicans in the key positions that are responsible for certifying state election results. Their justification for altering vote counts: election results are not real.

      If that fails, give the state legislature the authority to override the certified results. Their justification for overriding the vote counts and installing a separate slate of electors: election results are not real.

      And there you have the five-step action plan to overcome an opposition that has greater voting numbers:

      1. Gerrymander districts so that a majority of voters does not guarantee a majority of representation.
      2. Prevent minority voters and university students from casting their ballots.
      3. Establish that election results are not real.
      4. Get Trumpites in positions to certify the state elections.
      5. Give legislatures the power to override that certification when needed.

      The conservative-controlled legislatures are now passing laws to accomplish numbers 2 and 5.

      Number 1 is already partially done and Republican legislatures are still working on it.

      Trump’s acolytes are now running for the positions that can accomplish number 4.

      The entire conservative establishment is now working on number 3, from Trump to Hannity to Mike Lindell to the state legislatures ordering phony-baloney audits. It does not matter whether their arguments are right, or even whether they make sense. It only matters whether the base believes that elections are rigged.

      I have to say that this evil plan has a complexity that even Dr. Doom would admire. The conservative base may be full of uneducated dimbulbs, but the engineers of this strategy are damned thorough, both in their analysis of the problem and their concrete strategy to address it.

      I believe they will pull it off and get control of the Presidency and both houses by the 2024 elections, because Democrats currently have no counter-strategy except whining that it isn’t fair. If anything, Democrats are busy shooting themselves in their own feet while they argue pie-in-sky legislation. They don’t even notice how completely they are being hornswoggled and out-maneuvered in the long game.

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