Les Actrices Françaises Nues à l’Ecran is updated with the new French nudity

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Virginie Efira in “en attendant Bojangles”:

Here is that full scene

Zoé Felix in “celles qui restent”:

Céleste Brunnnquell in “celles qui restent”:

Alma Jodorowsky in “Harmony”:

Anne Azoulay in “les 7 vies de Léa”: Netflix’s French productions are disappointing

Camille Douchez in “les 7 vies de Léa”:


French version, with commentary

Charlie’s archives: 1000s of collages, 100% content



12 thoughts on “Les Actrices Françaises Nues à l’Ecran is updated with the new French nudity

  1. The divine Virginia also does comedy. as she’s one of the celebrity guests in a first season episode of Call My Agent on Netflix

  2. Too bad so little of her stuff has jumped the pond. Frickin’ gorgeous.

  3. Virginie Effira has put together an exceptional nude filmography from the past five years, all in her early forties. She had alright nudity from before, but she’s really amped it up. If she keeps it up she might become my favorite Virginie over Virginie Ledoyen.

    1. It is nice to see a beautiful, natural-looking woman doing a full frontal nude scene in good light! She is A-1!

      1. Any idea what the context of that scene is? I find it intriguing. I mean walking around stark naked (save for her shoes) on what looks like a stage–why in the context of the story is she doing that?

        And why don’t we have scenes like this in every damn movie?

        1. It’s complicated. It’s a story about a man totally in love with a vivacious, mentally ill woman. He does everything he can to make her life fun and to keep her on the manic side of manic-depressive. He will go to any lengths to make her feel like she’s not an outsider, and that her behavior is not so “crazy.”

          Or it may not be exactly about that. It’s not always clear what is real, what is purely in their son’s imagination, and what is the child’s interpretation of one of his father’s outlandish stories.

          At any rate …

          In one of her mental states, the woman believes she is running an errand for her guests. She leaves the house completely naked except for stiletto heels. When advised to cover up so she doesn’t get cold, she proceeds to put on — a hat, saying “You’re absolutely right! What would I do without you?” Her husband chases her across the street. He rips off his own clothes so she won’t feel out of place, then embraces her in public.

          Here is the scene

          That is based on this (slightly different) passage from the book, which is well worth reading, even in the English translation:

          We had our lot of sad laughter, too. One evening, when a dinner guest kept saying “I’ll bet my bloomers” every time he declared anything, we watched Mom stand, lift her skirt up, pull down her panties trimmed with lace, then silently take them off and throw them in the gambler’s face. Those panties sailed over the table, landing smack on his nose. So it goes. After a shocked silence, a lady blurted out, “She’s lost her mind!”

          To which my mother replied, having downed her glass in one gulp, “No, ma’am, at worst, I’ve lost my panties.”

          The Creep, that wonderful fellow, saved the day. He bellowed and guffawed, and the chilly atmosphere soon thawed, turning the nascent drama into a saucy story of flying lingerie. If the Creep hadn’t laughed, no one else would have either though. Like the other guests, Dad had laughed until he cried, but with his face in his hands.

          One morning at my breakfast time, when my parents hadn’t gone to bed yet and a few dancers were still going at it in the living room, making strange noises, when the Creep was sleeping on the kitchen table, with his nose on his cigar and his cigar crushed into an ashtray, and Mademoiselle Superfluous was doing her dormitory rounds, waking the soiree’s stragglers, I saw my mother step out of the bathroom perched on stiletto heels, stark naked except for the smoke from her cigarette that fleetingly garbed her face. Looking for her keys on the table in the front hall, she informed my father in a perfectly natural tone of voice that she was off to get oysters and cold muscadet for their guests.

          “Cover up, Marigold, or you’re going to catch your death of cold,” he said with a concerned smile.

          “You’re absolutely right, George, what would I do without you! I love you, monsieur, did you know that?” she answered as she grabbed a fur hat from the rack.

          Then she disappeared, just a beat ahead of the startling sound of the door slamming. My father and I watched her from the balcony, striding regally, all-conquering chin up, ignoring the strange looks, taming the sidewalks, flicking away her cigarette, wiping her dancing shoes on the doormat before stepping inside the fish shop. My father answered her, belatedly, whispering with veiled eyes, “Yes, I do know you love me, Dove, but what am I supposed to do with all that crazy love? What am I supposed to do with all that crazy love?”

          Then Mom stepped out of the shop, smiling toward us as though she had heard him, with a tray of oysters perched on one arm, and two bottles squashing her breasts under the other. “She’s a miracle,” he sighed. “I couldn’t live without her. It’s inconceivable. That craziness belongs to me, too.”

      2. 45? Wow. Trying to imaging what American actress that age that (a) would do this, and (b) would look this good?

        1. The way we use adjectives like “hot”, “sexy”, “pretty”, “gorgeous”, “beautiful” & “good-looking”, strikes me as most often a proxy for just young. Either “is young” or “looks young”. Many of us don’t think of Asians at first, only as an afterthought. But then, they look young to us longer, ie, they “age well”. So, once we think of them, they tend to score well on our beauty scale. There’s no absolute truth about beauty.

          Youth is the closest we have to a universal association. Relatively, of course. We’re human. So, sexist, racist, species-ist, patriotic, parochial, tribal, what-have-you.

          1. I suppose because we start young, get old and then die. I suppose some political group soon will want to remove young and old from our vocabulary. I don’t believe they will be successful in making us not realize how old we are.

        2. Maybe Julianne Moore, but not many. Most American actresses were programmed to never be nude while European actresses get naked all the time. Even in Hollywood, they would usually use foreign born actresses like Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman or Naomi Watts to do most of the nude scenes. Really fucking strange actually, but Hollywood is controlling to the extreme if they are anything. Everyone does what Hollywood says or else, no matter how fucking stupid it is.

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