“Trump, who first revealed the news earlier Thursday in a post on his Truth Social platform, faces seven counts, according to his lawyer and another source. The charges include false statements, conspiracy to obstruct and a charge related to the Espionage Act, sources said.”

Complete indictment here

Data published by the Pew Research Center in 2019 highlighted how federal prosecutors have a 99.6% conviction rate. This is true because federal prosecutors almost never file charges unless they have the accused dead to rights. That seems to be the case here as well. Given that the former President almost certainly did everything he is accused of, given that there is a mountain of testimony and physical evidence, and given that his own words have exacerbated his problems, his lawyers have a real challenge. What’s the defense? Most federal defendants (nearly 9 out of 10) plead out, but Trump is not one to negotiate a plea deal, so his lawyers will need to concoct some strategy as yet unforeseen.

Since a legal defense has not yet emerged, the Trump loyalists will undoubtedly try to muster a full-throated political defense. Don’t look for any of them to try to prove that Trump is innocent, although they may generalize that “he’s an innocent man” without taking any questions after making such a claim. They know what he did, and they know it was illegal. Instead, they will be screaming about the fact that the charges are politically motivated, and they will be creating a false equivalency to the Pence and Biden documents. Those red herrings will convince many in the general public that Trump is somehow being treated unfairly, but will not help him obtain a “not guilty” verdict. Even if it were true that the investigation was politically motivated, that argument is irrelevant in court, where the issues are (1) “which crimes is he accused of?” and (2) “did he actually commit them?”

Strikingly beautiful in her youth, Jennifer Rubin became a top model in the 80s. She then turned her efforts toward acting, where she was somewhat less successful. I won’t say that she was the worst performer I’ve ever seen, but bear in mind that I have seen several performances by Kathy Ireland and Matt Lattanzi.

Although her range was limited, Rubin was beautiful, intelligent and eager, which led to a brief period in the mid-90s when she was cast in starring roles, albeit in minor releases and straight-to-vids. In this film, Rubin was cast rather well as an incompetent actress, and Colin Firth played a sleazy acting coach who exploited her.

Firth explained his unlikely participation in this turkey to The Sun in the edition published August 27, 1994 – shortly after the film was made.

“My son happened to be in Los Angeles at the time. It was a three-week job and it paid extremely well. It’s a silly story about an acting coach who trains an actress by psychologically torturing her. I knew it would be complete rubbish and I sincerely hope no one ever sees it.

Talk about a ringing endorsement! How often do you hear an actor talk like that about his current project?

Firth was so embarrassed by this film that he kept bringing it up. He told The Weekly News in 1997:

“I was desperate to see my son after doing six months of theatre in Britain so I said yes to the movie. But it was a terrible film and I hope it sinks without a trace.”

He also discussed the film with The Radio Times in February of 1997:

A hefty pay cheque for a ridiculous job. I’ve made a couple of pieces of crap, although when one is working one takes it seriously. It’s embarrassing appearing in rubbish, so you con yourself it’s worth while, even though the third eye knows full well it isn’t. But I do have a child to support.”

At any rate, the water of Rubin’s acting career had sought and found its own level by 2000, when she appeared in a Uwe Boll film with some of the King Bs like Michael Pare and Casper Van Dien.

But she can always tell people that she once co-starred with Colin Firth.

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