NFL Scoreboard – Week 1

Three major developments:

The Cleveland Browns did NOT lose to the Steelers. OK, they didn’t win, but a tie is a major achievement for them. OK, their QB really stunk (15 for 40 with seven sacks), but they intercepted Big Ben thrice, forced him to fumble twice, and sacked him four times. I wonder if the Steelers have fired their entire management team yet.

Have the Bills been mathematically eliminated yet? The way they played today, they couldn’t have defeated Rutgers.

Aaron Rodgers was magnificent

Almost a development:

Ryan Fitzpatrick came very, very close to a perfect QB rating, scoring 156.3 (158.3 is perfect). He passed for 417 yards on only 28 attempts. He would have achieved a perfect score with one less incomplete pass attempt.

Mike Pence really should read the news before appearing on Q&A shows

Chris Wallace seemed a tough as his dad in this conversation. Yesterday I mentioned how Woodward and his publishers caught Trump in a trap by holding back the actual physical copy of the purloined letter, waiting for somebody to deny that the theft ever happened. Apparently Mike Pence doesn’t read Other Crap (or any real news sources), because Wallace caught him in the very same trap today. Pence tried to change the subject and Wallace wouldn’t let him slip away.

Trump doesn’t believe Stormy Daniels hush-money deal is valid

His argument is that he’s not a party to the deal. His name appears nowhere on it, and he never signed it, therefore it has nothing to do with him.

I guess this means Stormy will soon be telling even more lurid details, since Cohen offered to let her out of the agreement. That’s a win, right?

Yes, BUT …

But Stormy’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, does not like this development. If Trump is not a party to the deal, then he can’t be deposed, and Avenatti really wants to get him to testify under oath. (Let’s face it, getting Trump to testify under oath is like the Holy Grail for lawyers!)

The many misdeeds of Les Moonves

Hey, Les

The good news: you’re finally the centerpiece of a New Yorker article.

The bad news: it was written by Ronan Farrow. Oh-oh!

Moonves resigned today.  “The resignation package for Mr Moonves could amount to $100m. However, CBS said he would not receive any severance benefits until the result of an independent investigation into his conduct.”

Jon Huntsman is the latest op-ed suspect

This one is pretty convincing.

OOPS! Somehow the rest of my post didn’t get published. I wrote it, then immediately added to it, then apparently forgot to push the “update” button.

It read:

This one is pretty convincing but the guy is never in Washington. He lives in Moscow, so I don’t see how he could have much impact on Trump’s behavior. And in his position he’s basically irrelevant to Trump’s communication because Trump would talk directly to Putin rather than through the ambassador.

College Football – Week 2

I don’t find these first two weeks of college ball very interesting because most of the top teams try to establish intimidating credentials by drubbing patsy teams like Austin Peay and Louisiana Monroe.

Those patsies are to college football as Iron Mike Sharpe (“Canada’s Greatest Athlete”) was to WWF wrestling. They are hired specifically to make their opponent look good. I always thought it must be weird to be one of those guys like Iron Mike or The Duke of Dorchester because they lived in a nebulous limbo world between the good and evil worlds which are defined so clearly in rasslin’. One week the crowd might be on The Duke’s side as the Million Dollar Man was stuffing dollar bills into his dentally-challenged mouth, but the very next week the crowd might be booing him as he took a few cheap but ineffective shots at Andre the Giant.

Anyway, back to football. The only really interesting thing to report is that it was a terrible two weeks for the states of Michigan and Florida. Miami, Florida and Florida State all lost games they were expected to win. Michigan and Michigan State also picked up losses.

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