This poll is relatively significant. The WaPo/ABC poll is the only one rated A+ by the statistics nerds at the 538 site.

The key findings are:

  • Trump’s approval has dropped by six points in two months.
  • The drop is correlated to fears of an economic slowdown.
  • We can now see more specifically how Trump is losing the uneducated whites that represent the fundaments of his support. This poll breaks that group down by gender. It turns out that Trump’s support is actually increasing among uneducated white males (now 69%, up 5 points), but is dropping drastically among their female counterparts (now 42%, down 12 points)
  • Trump’s rating is also plummeting among college educated white males. The drop was a precipitous 15 points in just two months, from 49% approval to 34%.

Brainscan, who is our resident expert on grindhouse films and other old-time exploitation fare, created an interesting piece today about two actresses who made surprising contributions after their grindhouse days were over.

Brenda Denault went on to raise a large brood of Arquettes, including Fun House favorites Rosanna and Patricia. As Brainscan noted, “She looks so much like Rosanna in so many ways you cannot help but be impressed.” He is being subtle. The reality is that Rosanna’s mom was so busty that her youthful images almost make Rosanna look like Twiggy in comparison.

Alice Denham has an amazing resume. On the surface, she’s a former Playmate who ended up in no-budget B&W exploitation films, so you’d think she was probably a total bimbo.

Boy, would you think wrong!

She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of North Carolina (BA in journalism, 1949). That’s a storied program, whose graduates included none other than Thomas Wolfe, arguably the greatest wordsmith America has ever produced. Just a year after receiving her BA, she earned her masters in English Lit from the University of Rochester with a thesis on the plays of T.S. Eliot.

Playboy reprinted her short story, “The Deal,” in her centerfold issue, making her the first Playmate to have authored a fiction piece that appeared in her same issue. (July, 1956).

When she finished her career in exploitation crap, she wrote a tell-all book which was received quite well. Titled “Sleeping With Bad Boys,” it was her account of sexy shenanigans with James Dean, Philip Roth, Hugh Hefner and others. She counted as friends such literary luminaries as Norman Mailer and the famous writers of the 1950’s beat generation.

“Manhattan was a river of men flowing past my door, and when I was thirsty, I drank.”

Alice Denham

She went on to write several more books, and was an adjunct professor of English in the City University of New York. She was known so well in New York literary circles that the N.Y. Times honored her with a lengthy obituary.


See all that plus the film clips in the members’ version of the Sept 10th Funhouse.

No, not that one.

JOHN Bolton, who is even crazy by Trump standards.

Bolton insists that it was his idea to leave. Who’s telling the truth? Who knows, with those guys? My money would be on Bolton, just because Trump’s truth percentage is so low, but it could go either way. At any rate, Bolton is now looking forward to his new career in right-wing media, where he will earn many times his government salary.

“Mr. Bolton’s departure came as Mr. Trump is pursuing diplomatic openings with some of the United States’ most intractable enemies, efforts that have troubled hard-liners in the administration, like Mr. Bolton, who view North Korea and Iran as profoundly untrustworthy.

He spent much of the last week waging a last-minute battle to prevent Mr. Trump from signing off on a peace agreement with the Taliban militant organization, which he viewed as anathema — a deal that the president was preparing to finalize by inviting the Taliban leaders to Camp David.

Mr. Bolton urged Mr. Trump to reject the agreement, arguing that the president could still withdraw troops from Afghanistan to fulfill his campaign promise without getting in bed with an organization responsible for killing thousands of Americans over the last 18 years.”

Failing New York Times, September 10, 2019

I hate to say it, but it sounds like Bolton was giving Trump the right advice. I don’t agree with Bolton’s warmongering, and Trump is right to keep channels of communication open, but (1) North Korea and Iran are untrustworthy; (2) inviting the Taliban here for a secret sleepover so close to 9-11, without involving our allies in Afghanistan, seems like a profoundly disastrous idea.

An old, old pic of the lead singer of the Plasmatics.

Wendy and I were born in the same hospital, three months apart. She grew up about two miles from me, although those two miles were all water, a large bay of Lake Ontario that split our neighborhoods into completely separate communities that never mixed. Mine was suburban, barely escaping urban. Hers was rural, trying to be suburban.

After childhood, our lives were very different. By the time we were 16, she was hitchhiking around the world and I was probably still trying to organize my baseball cards, possibly up to the “D’s.” By the time we reached our late 20s, she was working in porno and sex shows, and I was probably still on the “M’s.” By 1998, as we were about to turn 50, I had already retired, having raised two families, and was enjoying my new life as Uncle Scoopy as she was putting a bullet through her brain.

There were probably times when I envied her adventurous life and her eventual international fame, but in retrospect, my incredibly boring path through corporate America was a much better choice.

So far: (1) He lost his majority in Parliament when one member of his party crossed over to the other side while he was speaking; (2) He kicked 21 people out of his own party when they dared to vote against him; (3) Two members of his cabinet resigned, including his own brother; (4) He was defeated in his call for a snap election; (5) He has suspended Parliament.

Parliament has also defied Johnson by passing a law requiring the PM to ask for a three-week delay if no Brexit deal is approved by October 19. “‘I will not ask for another delay,’ Johnson said. But he has few easy ways out of it. His options — all of them extreme — include disobeying the law, which could land him in court or even prison, and resigning so that someone else would have to ask for a delay. “

I am impressed that British lawmakers consider principles more important than party loyalty. It would be nice if we had American lawmakers who believed in anything at all (other than being re-elected).

On the other side of the coin, some people think that all of Boris’s defeats are part of his master plan to get a new election and a Parliamentary majority. Of course, there will always be opposing views. Many Americans argue that Trump’s obvious stupidity is just a ruse, a magician’s misdirection, tricking his opponents and the media into focusing on distractions while he does important things under the radar.

But frankly I don’t see any real hope for this Brexit process because of the Irish border. Making the matter more complicated is that the people of Scotland generally want to stay in the EU, and Scotland can eventually leave the UK if it chooses to. If that were to transpire, it would create yet another open border between the UK and the EU.

It’s a very chaotic situation. You might call it “a sticky wicket,” if you were so inclined. There’s no obvious solution that can create order from the chaos, and it can’t be done by a simple command from the “or-DUH, or-DUH” guy.

(That would be Bercow, the speaker of the House of Commons, yet another obnoxious blond guy with silly hair, although most of his blond hair has now become white.)

I am, however, thrilled that this seems to be the high point in history for obnoxious old blond guys with silly hair. I feel my that my time must be near! (Below – me about a week ago.)