Shimmying to a Spice Girls song in a neon-green ruffled shirt

Spicer’s dance partner, Lindsay Arnold, said his skills were “pre-preschool-level.”

Mike Huckabee sent a Tweet to his followers suggesting that they send atheist Hollywood a message with a vote for Spicer.

I kind of like the idea. That’s actually a pretty good goof, ala Sanjaya or William Hung.

Although I have to think William Hung could have moved his hips more than Spicer.

Based on Spicer’s response to that Tweet, I gather that a vote for Spicer is a vote for Jesus.

Although I have to think Jesus also could have moved his hips more.

Even while he was nailed down.

In that very special 50th Anniversary Monday Night tribute to Namath’s famous Super Bowl triumph, the Jets lost 23-3 at home to the Cleveland Fucking Browns.

Super Joe had some harsh words for his former team. Earlier on Monday, the Jets tweeted happy birthday to safety Bennett Jackson, but then the team cut Jackson hours later and deleted the tweet. Namath quote-tweeted a comment with his thoughts on the situation during Monday Night Football.

“The first words I ever heard from Don Maynard at Shea Stadium in 1965 were, ‘Son, this is a cold blooded business,’” Namath wrote. “‘When they’re finished with ya they won’t even shake your hand goodbye.’ Of course this business may have changed. Just not on birthdays.”

There’s only one bright spot in the Jets future this season – they will get to play Miami twice.