Alexandra Daddario in a bikini

La Daddario, 6/26

Two observations:

She is noticeably slimmer than in her True Detective days. She is obviously a beautiful woman who appears to be in spectacular condition, and I understand all the reasons why film performers want to be slim, especially as they age, but … well … I liked her better the way she was. It seems to me that her True Detective appearance was close to the pinnacle of screen sexiness, and the readers of this blog have always agreed. That was voted the top nude scene of 2014, a year that produced what was probably the strongest field of this century. She had to defeat, among others, ScarJo’s full body nudity in Under the Skin and Margot Robbie’s full frontal nudity in The Wolf of Wall Street. Ms. Daddario went on to win Top Nude Scene of the Millennium in a subsequent poll, again defeating ScarJo and Margot as well as tremendous scenes from Rosario Dawson, Eva Green, Heather Graham, Halle Berry, Katie Holmes and others.

How old do you think she is? I’ll bet your guess is too low. I know that mine would have been. I’m still thinking of her as an ingenue who was just breaking in a short time ago, so I would have said “I dunno. 28? 29?” She is actually 35.

3 thoughts on “Alexandra Daddario in a bikini

  1. Talk to Hollywood. They’re still thin obsessed. No clue why, the movement is towards body acceptance, and several hot up and comers are downright curvy/chubby. People like Ashley Graham and even Rebel broke the mold.

    Yet here we are, young actress after young actress still fighting eating disorders. The system takes a very long time to change. Fashion drives a lot of it. Fashion lines don’t want their stuff on a “curvy” size 5 in the latest film.

    Burn those fuckers with fire and you’d see things flip fast.

  2. I dunno, for me, it would be impossible to compare 2021 Daddario to True Detective Daddario because some of my favorite of her body parts are not visible in this bikini shot, know what I mean? I want to compare apples to apples. She looks pretty good in that bikini, but what is hidden is vital.

    But to be honest, once you’ve seen pretty much every square inch of a fine looking woman’s body, seeing her in a bikini is as much of a thrill.

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