Hayley Mills – bare buns in The Family Way (1966)

I’ve seen this before, but not in HD. Hayley looked about 14 years old, but was actually 20.

I’ve really forgotten about her, and didn’t realize she was still acting, but IMDb says she has recently had a character arc in a show called Pitching In from the UK.

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3 thoughts on “Hayley Mills – bare buns in The Family Way (1966)

    1. Hayley was a thing long before Mick Jagger was, so shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  1. A while back, UncleScoopy put up a picture of Hayley Mills topless in 1974. She looked about 14 then, too.

    On the other hand, it has been about 50 years since I hung around with 14 year olds, so maybe I don’t remember what they look like. I mean 14 year olds in general, not topless 14 year old girls.

    Man, that slope got slippery real fast.

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