Do not photograph Alec Baldwin’s bad side

There’s no telling what he’ll do.

Snark aside, here are new details:

1. It was a rehearsal. (The gun should have been totally empty, and in fact, Baldwin was told just that – that it was a “cold gun.”)

2. “Before Thursday’s shooting, some crew members quit the production over concerns related to safety issues — including gun safety procedures and Covid-19 protocols not being followed, according to the Los Angeles Times and other media reports.” This happened before the fatal incident: “A colleague was so alarmed by the prop gun misfires that he sent a text message to the unit production manager. ‘We’ve now had 3 accidental discharges. This is super unsafe.'” (The LA Times has been well ahead of everyone else on this story.)

3. It seems that a single discharge of the gun caused both injuries. “The projectile whizzed by the camera operator but penetrated Hutchins near her shoulder, then continued through to Souza.”

4. So far, I have not seen a report of precisely what was in that discharged chamber.

18 thoughts on “Do not photograph Alec Baldwin’s bad side

  1. So now CNN is reporting that one assistant director has been the subject of complaints about his repeated disregard for safety protocols involving firearms.

    So it seems there’s an idiot who kept getting hired even though this was bound to happen.

    If this was Columbo, there would be someone else who set up said idiot, but that’s not real life.

  2. I bet that the people who walked off due to the gross safety incompetence are relieved that they did (if sad that someone they knew got killed due to the same incompetence).

  3. If “Star” treatment isn’t applied. Then Baldwin is in trouble.
    I don’t like Baldwin but no way he did this on purpose. But he did do it.
    And it was totally his fault.
    First off he is the producer. It is his movie and his set and his crew. If one of my employees hurts someone on the job. I get sued, My company get’s sued and more depending on the mistake. Osha and everyone get involved. There where safety complaints and untrained personnel on his set. If he didn’t address it that is negligence. And if he didn’t know about it that is negligence. Because in the real world the boss is responsible.
    As many have stated there are rules for handling guns. And they apply on the set of a movie also.
    1) The gun is always loaded (no matter who tells you different) You always check for yourself and still always handle it like it is loaded!
    2) NEVER point a gun at anyone or anything that you don’t want to destroy! On movie sets that is a rule also! you point at a that is close to but never at the person. NEVER point a person and NEVER with a loaded gun and the gun is always loaded. even if someone said safe! you are always responsible for the gun in your hand.
    3) you never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to pull it! all other times the gun should be pointed it a safe direction (ideally towards the ground) in case it accidently goes off so it can KILL anyone!
    4) Know what is behind your target.

    These rules apply everywhere including movie sets. If any of the first three MUST do’s where followed then a woman’s kids would have their mother still.

    This negligence is on Baldwin. There are others that are also responsible but not off it pardon’s Baldwin from his responsibility. Not matter how much you like his movies! Fact is HE KILLED a woman. Not on purpose but by not following documented safety protocols and if I had done that with a piece of equipment in my job I would be Prosecuted and lose my business. No matter how much I cried or how sorry I was.

    1. My understanding is that he is one of the producers, which in Hollywood means diddly.

      As for rules about handling guns . . . tell me more about the Dick Cheney’s prosecution and punishment.

      There will no doubt be a huge civil action resulting from this, but I’d be surprised if there were any criminal charges.

    2. Your point #2 is especially cogent. Even if you ignore all the blame on all the other people, why was a gun ever pointed in the direction of anyone? (And especially in a rehearsal.) That’s the principal principle.

      You may think a gun is empty. You may think a safety is on. You may not even plan to touch the trigger. That doesn’t matter. Don’t point that mofo toward anything you don’t want to hit. Shit happens. And when it happens with a gun, it can be fatal shit.

  4. Gotta wonder if it was sabotage. I read something about how the crew walked out that morning, only to be replaced by non-union crew.

  5. There are innumerable movies and TV shows where a character has fired a gun in the direction of a camera. If the director was standing behind the cameraperson, a single shot could hit both. The real question is what was the gun loaded with? This incident seems closer to what happened to Brandon Lee than John Eric Hexum in that somehow a gun with live ammo was used. Hexum’s death was a tragedy, but ultimately it was very stupid of him to have been holding a gun loaded with blanks against his head while playing Russian Roulette.

    While the two people shot and their families are the true victims here, I also feel very sorry for Alec Baldwin. I wonder if he will be able to bring himself to finish the movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if any other scenes with Baldwin’s character firing a gun are filmed from the back using a stuntman. I doubt he ever accepts another role where he fires a gun.

    1. All Baldwins previous criminal cases involved attacks on photographers. First OJ gets away now this. Should we make him president?

  6. That’s why you don’t cheap out on hiring an armorer for your damn movie, Hollywood geniuses.

  7. What I read said it was a misfire.

    If I had to guess, it being a western, it was likely a shotgun aimed towards the camera. Something went very wrong, maybe going off too early, maybe both barrels of a double barrel at the same time, etc.

    Most likely, it was misloaded by an untrained prop master like the Crow. Blanks can’t kill people except at very close range. But if the blank wasn’t a proper blank, or a blank shell wasn’t loaded? That’d explain how one dead and one severely injured with one shot could happen.

    Reports I read (and one photo…vultures) had Baldwin hysterical and in tears outside the hospital. The dude is an asshole but he isn’t a monster. It’s his production company. He hired these people, and now he killed one and maimed another. He’s never going to be the same, especially as emotionally unbalanced as he’s known to be.

    1. To be fair, if he’s never the same, that could be a marked improvement.

      OK, that wasn’t fair at all, but with Norm Macdonald and Hunter Thompson dead, it’s up to me to treat tragedy cynically and insensitively.

      I wonder if OJ will join him in a search for the real killers. Together they can use the carpool lane and speed up the investigations.

      Snark aside. I don’t think anybody is making a serious suggestion that Baldwin did this intentionally. It’s just a horrible, tragic accident. (I presume.)

    2. The projectile might not have come from the ammo. Anything that got stuck inside the barrel could become shrapnel.

      1. New details reveal people Are going to JAIL.


        There’s never, ever, ever a reason for live rounds to be on a film set, ever. Ever.

        And an assistant director (!?!) handed it to Alec, said it wasn’t even loaded with blanks (!?!?!) so yeah, he proceeded to accidentally shoot the DP and it went through her into the director while he was practicing his draw.

        There were already THREE accidental discharges in this set before. People were complaining.

        Negligent homicide. Only a matter of time before someone died. Multiple people are going to jail.

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