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This film was written and directed by Claude Lelouch. You say the name means nothing to you? Do you remember a film called A Man and a Woman, with the most annoying film score ever recorded? Lelouch didn’t write the music, but he wrote and directed that movie – when I was in high school! And I’m so old that when I was a kid there wasn’t even matter yet, just radiation. Even after the universe started to cool, my parents were too poor to afford matter. They had to scrimp and save to surprise me for my third birthday. My present was a molecule.

And even then, the money wasn’t enough. My godfather had to pull some strings to get my present, because “Johnny’s First Molecule” was the hot toy that holiday season.

A helium hydride molecule was the Tickle Me Elmo of the early universe.

Anyway, ol’ Lelouche had already been making films nine years before A Man and a Woman, so that guy is so old you can’t even calculate his age as a time measurement, because when he was born, time as we know it had not yet begun.

(I guess that would be more impressive if the new film were scored higher than 4.9 at IMDb.)