Karin Viard very naked in Dear Mother (2020) in 2160hd

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9 thoughts on “Karin Viard very naked in Dear Mother (2020) in 2160hd

  1. First saw Miss Viard in a film called Delicatessen in about 1990. She was really sexy in that film and appears to have improved with age.

    1. She seems to be a good comic actress, I was laughing at that scene, even though I don’t understand French.

  2. There’s very little info on this on IMDB. Has anyone seen it?

    Why are they all naked?

    1. They are using various schemes to get the old woman naked. This was one of their schemes.

      One reviewer mentioned why this was necessary:

      the root cause of Jean-Louis’s affliction might not be anything medical, but the complex, estranged relationship he has with his mother, Brigitte (Hélène Vincent). Getting to the bottom of it, though, will require… well, really getting to the bottom of it.

      So, this is the premise of Dear Mother – a man must try and take a Polaroid photograph of his mother’s vagina in order to potentially save his own life. It’s also the plot of Sébastien Thiéry’s 2013 play The Origin of the World, from which this film is adapted by its star, Lafitte. It is, to put things mildly, absolutely bonkers.

      1. Damn, I hate when you have to take a Polaroid of your mother’s vagina in order to save your life.

        And it’s amazing how often that situation comes up in life.

        1. Rarely mentioned is the fact that Schindler’s pic of his mom’s coochie saved not only his own life, but the lives of all those Jewish people as well. I just don’t know why Spielberg cut that sub-plot.

      2. Here’s some interesting trivia: there’s a painting “L’Origine du monde”, by the French painter Courbet. The painting is of a, as Scoop would say, very naked woman with her legs spread apart. I’m guessing that’s the inspiration for the title of the play.

        The model for the painting was purportedly the mistress of the American painter James Whistler. Who of course is famous for “Whistler’s Mother”.

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