Key phrase: poo markings from space

Marjorie Taylor Greene blames the Jews

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  1. Off-topic reply to a joke in an old comment by Adam T about: “No mass, no mass!”

    Weel, actually, I think it’s an interesting physics fact that the empty vacuum not only has a mass, but it’s one of the things particle physicists want to know badly enough to have taken the trouble to measure.

    One known fraction of the vacuum is the Higgs VEV (Vacuum Expectation Value), AKA Higgs Condensate. It’s found to have almost double the mass of the Higgs boson itself. As there are additional particles (fields) that are also believed to create vacuum condensates, there’s quite a bit of mass (or equivalently energy) that lives in empty space.

    There’s another indication that empty space contains some inherent “vacuum energy”—the nonzero value of the Hubble Constant is a measure of the speed at which empty space expands as the universe ages. The difference in these two calculations of the vacuum energy is the biggest unexplained discrepancy in particle physics between theory & experimental measurements.

    I can provide links to more info, but for now I refrain.

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