The new official College Football Playoff Rankings

CFP rankings, week 11

As expected, Michigan crept into the Big Four. Next week, four of the top ten (Including #1 and #2) have games against other ranked opponents.

As usual, Sagarin’s computer rankings don’t give Notre Dame, Syracuse and UCF as much respect as the CFP committee.

* The Irish are ranked 12th by the computer, versus 3rd by the committee.
* UCF is valued 23rd by the computer, but 12th by the committee.
* Syracuse is 13th in the CFP rankings, at which the computer utters a low, mechanical chuckle. The Orangemen are rated 44th by the computer, which is below TCU, a team with a 4-5 record.

On the other side of the coin, the computer really likes both Iowa and Washington, ranking them in the top ten.

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