“I Will Shoot AOC If She Tries To ‘Take My Cows'”

She’ll have to pry their udders from his cold, dead hands.

4 thoughts on ““I Will Shoot AOC If She Tries To ‘Take My Cows'”

  1. The clown who goes around calling Trump “Churchillian” when he’s not nattering on about the Legend In Her Own Mind coming after his cows. My ex-party is putting on quite a show this weekend at the CPAC thingy.
    Or as Costa puts it in the Post,
    “Acquiescence to Trump is now the defining trait of the Republican Party more than two years into his presidency — overwhelming and at times erasing principles that conservatives viewed as the foundation of the party for more than a half century.”
    “We don’t need no stinking principles!!!” A POS presiding over what has become the Party Of Stupid,

  2. It would be a much more sound argument if it was to keep the right to kill your own child after it was just born

    1. Saw Van Jones from CNN at that “Klan Rally”. But I’m sure you Libs will give him a pass just like the Virginia Governor.

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