According to one commenter, the stabbing interrupted a wonderful dinner of mahi mahi and couscous.

Actually, he was stabbed by a fellow inmate in prison.

I was kinda surprised to realize he’s still alive, a walking relic from the history books, because if Bobby had not been assassinated, he would almost certainly be dead by now. (Although you never know. He would be 93. His mother lived to be about a thousand.)

The Bobby Kennedy assassination occurred more than 50 years ago. That seems like the dimly-remembered past. About 3/4 of the people on earth were not born yet.

The report gave Comey a stern rebuke. He violated both FBI policy and his employment agreement by not turning over some memos when he was fired and later by leaking details of the memos to the media. 

It is worth noting, however:

  • “None of the information shared by him or his attorneys with anyone in the media was classified.”
  • He did not break any laws.

Although he committed no crimes, he could be sued in civil court for violation of his employment contract, and would almost certainly lose, although the FBI has declined to pursue that course.