“As of August 2022, the U.S. had 1.5 billion pounds of cheese in cold storage across the country. That’s around $3.4 billion worth of cheese.”

“A sizable portion of the stockpile is stored in a massive underground warehouse (a former limestone quarry) outside of Springfield, Missouri.”

If cheese ever becomes a precious commodity, Fond du Lac is the Dubai of the future. We’re building those skyscrapers now, on spec. We already have one that’s the tallest building in northern Wisconsin – nearly the size of a five-story building if you count the antenna, which admittedly comprises four of the five stories.

Yeah, like it matters. If Mondrian came back to life and saw it there, he probably wouldn’t even realize it was “wrong.”

Bullshit claim of the day:

“The thickening of the grid should be at the top, like a dark sky. Once I pointed it out to the other curators, we realised it was very obvious. I am 100% certain the picture is the wrong way around.”

Alternate bullshit claim of the day:

“The work does not bear Mondrian’s signature, possibly because he hadn’t deemed it finished.” Once again, if Mondrian came back from the dead, would he know whether it was finished?