Asia Argento naked in The Phantom of the Opera (1998)

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4 thoughts on “Asia Argento naked in The Phantom of the Opera (1998)

  1. Holy Shit! “Sonja didn’t have any problem with the scene either. ‘The only time I was jarred by it was when I watched it on the big screen. It was a little shocking to see my beaver blown up to the size of my head. That’s a lot of sharing with the world. But that had nothing to do with Guy.’ Her father, in turn, sounds slightly disingenuous when he says it’s taken him a long time to understand other people’s curiosity about their relationship. “I understand that for most father-daughters, what we did would be just unthinkably weird. For some reason, it was really straightforward for us. It was incredibly enjoyable work.”

    Serious passive aggression going on in this interview:

  2. Has there ever been another actress who’s done nude scenes shot by her dad, let alone THIS MANY? (not complaining)

    1. Sonja Bennett actually did a spread-legged shot in a movie directed by her dad, Guy. Review here. Picture below.

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      Twenty years have passed and, as far as I know, Guy never directed another film, but Sonja is still acting.

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