I think we all remember when Lance Armstrong cycled on the moon

“‘Modern Family’ star Ariel Winter confused cyclist Lance Armstrong with astronaut Neil Armstrong in Fox’s new ‘Stars On Mars’ show”

“Lance Armstrong is a real frickin’ astronaut. He is a real astronaut. He is Lance Armstrong. You need to Google him.”

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon before Lance was born.

“That was part of my, like, fear coming on this show was I was going to say something stupid,” Winter said later in a confessional. “And I literally, like, I outdid myself.” Ariel played “the smart one” on Modern Family.

5 thoughts on “I think we all remember when Lance Armstrong cycled on the moon

  1. Fucking Lance Armstrong if he hadn’t been doping Buzz Aldrin would have been the first man on the moon.

  2. They used to say it took someone smart to play someone dumb, with Gracie Allen being an early example. Maybe the reverse is true and playing Alex puts Ariel fairly far along the duuuhh spectrum.

    The only alternative being that reality shows are actually scripted. Sounds pretty far-fetched.

  3. It is said both are descendents of Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, and Betty Crocker.

  4. And the most amazing thing about Lance Armstrong was how far he could stretch his arms. Unbelievable!

    1. I forget now. Was that Lance or Neil?

      I do know that Lance “Satchmo” Armstrong could play that horn, and Neil was awesome as Booger.

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