The Cooch opined that “That poem was referring back to people coming from Europe.”

He’s right. The version on the Statue is an expurgation. I remember the original words so clearly from my lit classes.

“Give me your poor, but not really poor like in Asia or Africa or Latin America, but kind of Norway-poor.

“Give me your tired, so they may rest their handsome blonde and ginger heads within our shores.”

“Give me your huddled masses, like those guys who play rugby or Aussie-rule football, if they have at least two major credit cards and a FICO score of at least 750.”

I’m kidding , but Cuccinelli also re-wrote the poem!

Well, at least he’s forthright about being a racist.

RCP lists the average polling score from the four most recent polls. In their summary, they list the top 20, and Hicks didn’t even make the list.

The hippie chick made the list. Even fargin’ DeBlasio made the list. But Hickenlooper still has to stand behind the velvet ropes.

The ol’ Looper may have dropped out of the Prez competition by the time you read this. As of about an hour ago as I type this, it has been reported Hickenlooper is preparing to drop out and run for the senate against Cory Gardner.