Although I had seen him many times before, I still didn’t recognize him in the still picture from Maddow’s show. If I had seen just the picture, I would not have been able to come up with a name to match it! He’s the ultimate generic stock-photo, middle-aged white guy. If that whole governor thing doesn’t work out for him, he will have a lucrative career in Cialis commercials.

Although I should have used a mnemonic device to remember him, because he looks exactly like my Uncle Dick.

And quite a bit like Dave Garroway.

In you’re in the same boat, he’s the climate change guy.

I think he’s against it. Or for it. I forget which. Either way, he doesn’t think we’re doing enough about it, so he either wants us to stop using fossil fuels or use more of them.

Anyway, no need to memorize his face now.

The Onion had a funny take on this one:

‘Don’t Worry, I’ll Always Be Here To Fight Climate Change,’ Says Jay Inslee Before Ethereally Turning Into Majestic Oak

And Inslee had a witty response: