Naked women and carp – together at last

If you’re a hip, swingin’ man-on-the-go, you like not only hot chicks, but giant carp as well. I … er … I mean YOU … may even want to see those hot women embracing some of my your finny, golden friends. Until now my your preferences have been largely ignored by an uncaring majority.

My Your time has come at last. The Carponizer carp fishing wall calendar is here.


Imagine the shiver of delight that passed through my body when I discovered that this has actually been around for years. The 2019 edition is at least the third. I could be up for days “studying” their back editions.  Story here.

4 thoughts on “Naked women and carp – together at last

  1. Yeah. I bought one as a gift for a buddy a couple years ago. Not sure where I had originally seen it.

  2. If this becomes a thing, you might have people finding your site accidentally when they type in

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